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DickDorm's "Let's Hear It"

Did you hate your roommate back in college? Well, this guy takes the hate to a new level. In this episode of dickdorm we have the classic roommate battle of one guy is super clean, while the other is a pig. Poor Kevin can't stand filth anymore, so he comes up with a plan to invite some of his friends while his roommate is away, and have a gay old time all over his roommate's stuff. This party gets so out of hand that by the end there is a straight friend questioning his own manhood. Check it out at!

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BoyGusher's Sleeping KIKO Handjob!

Kiko is a hot straight Latino boy that works at the car wash down the street from my house. Even though it doesn't always need it, I get my car washed every week so that I can stare at Kiko. His job is to hand towel the cars and when I watch him do it, I either fantasize about him wiping me down or I get lost in watching his body move and flex. Watch KIKO get jerked off at!

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AllBoys19's VOVOK In The Shower

18-year-old VOVOK takes a shower and thoroughly washes his uncut penis and little ass at!

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20-year-old cutie ADAM ARCHULETA debuted in "27 Boy Circle Jerk" but you can watch his solo videos where he wanks his huge uncut Czech cock until is shoots boy seed at!

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Real College CAM BOYS Sitting Naked!

Real college CAM BOYS sitting naked at their desks with raging boners! From!

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SneakyPeek's Locker Room Spycam!

Horny college jocks caught on hidden spycam video stripping, showering, and drying off in a university locker room at!

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Squirtz' Horse-Hung 18YO BOBBY LONG!

"18-year-old BOBBY LONG was a real trip right from the start. When he arrived for his Squirtz shoot it was the first time he had met us so he put on a tough exterior to let us know not to mess with him. But he loosened up really fast and was ready to reveal all sorts of juicy details to us, from his job driving a forklift to his wild sex party at a bathhouse." Watch BOBBY shoot jizz from his 8-inch uncut prick at!

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New Fratboy DVDs: "Exposition", "Sex Trax" & "Bubble Butt Twinsk"

Get your new college boy DVDs, including "Exposition: Gettin' Off!" featuring big-dicked Czech boys spanking the monkey, GAI's super-twink "Sex Trax: Orgy Gang Bang" with 20 young performers, and 8TeenBoys' ass-travaganza "Bubble Butt Twinks", at!

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Horny college guy WALLY has a nice big veiny dick and loaded balls. Watch WALLY wank out a load of cum at www.FRATMEN.TV!

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CUM VIDEO: MuscleBoy's Jizz Cam

From Crowly, a muscular young guy wanks a load of cum out of his stiff long prick on webcam!

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Darren is a 22 year old bright eyed boy who is addicted the warm tropical weather found on our Island. He is extremely active and experienced in Parkour - a type of athletic circuit training which includes running, jumping and climbing on both urban walls and jungle environments. Check out his RIPPED upper body and muscle butt! Originally from Pennsylvania, Darren is a lifeguard at a swanky Waikiki resort hotel. Once he drops his board shorts, his strong Polish / Italian heritage is evident by the big Euro sausage between his legs! Darren has a massive penis which he loves touching and jerking. Watch him get naked and jack off at!

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KILLIAN is 20 years old, stands 5' 7" tall and weighs in at a thick, hefty 170 lbs. He's got killer green eyes and a pretty smile. In high school he played all sports and stayed very active. Can you imagine being naked in the locker room with this guy? Killian is a good Irish boy who doesn't wear underwear and you know what they say about guys that go commando! A nice bubble butt isn't all this stud is packing. He's got a thick, rock hard cock that stands at attention and you can see his swollen prostate below his big balls just begging for some attention. See more of horny KILLIAN at!

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Dunham is a Southern boy with a dirty boy attitude. He seems to be equally pleased to play with boys as he does with girls. When he figured out playing with dudes on film paid good, he was totally down for starting down the road to doing full-on gay adult work. He has a nice lean build and his dick sure is hot. Watch DUNHAM stroke out a load of jizz at!

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Jake Lyons' flawless bubble butt in this solo video will have you unable to stand up for days. You've got to see this thing in action at!

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Standing at 5'3" with kiddie facial features and a boyish charm that could attract any onlooker, LIL SCORPION from Michigan boasts 8 1/2 inches of cock connected to his chiseled frame. The breath-taking lil brotha stings like no other... Bringing new meaning to the term 'Pleasurable Pain'; it's poison worth swallowing! See more of LIL SCORPION at!

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