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New At HAZE HIM: "Anchorman Roulette"

Have any of you ever woken up from a night of partying and found out that your friends drew cocks all over your face and down your back while you where passed out? well this week we have a sick submission from a western frat in which one of their pledges woke up with all sorts of shit drawn and written on him. this party was that crazy! his final challenge was to suck some cock and get fucked and if he was serious about joining they prestigious frat he would have to do it or get the fuck out! From!

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New At BOYFUN: ALEXANDER's Study Break

Alexander takes a study break and strokes his hard uncut cock on the table at!

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CUM VIDEO: "Cum Eating Boyfriends"

Boyfriends TOBI and FRANKLIN enjoy some youthful dick-sucking, dildo-riding, jizz-swallowing fun at!

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New At FRESHMAN X: Hung Fratboys MAX and PAUL

20-year-old Detroit native MAX makes his long cock stiff, while big-dicked PAUL shows off his ass and smooth crotch at!

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CUM VIDEO: CuteDaveyBoy Shoots To His Chin!

Ripped hottie college stud CuteDaveyBoy jacks his stiff cock until he shoots cum all the way up his ripped torso to his chin! Lots of cum; Hot video!

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20-year-old business student from Wisconsin MICK HANSON has a really cute face and a great personality, but the thing we like most about Mick is his rock hard dick! Maybe it is because he is horny all the time, but for whatever reason, his cock was standing at attention even before he got his pants off during the photoshoot. In the video, he stroked his cock long and hard, giving us an awesome show! When he gets on his knees, he gives us a nice view of his very pink asshole - it looks really tight. He moans and groans as he jerks off, finally flippping over and delivering one heck of a cumshot! Watch MICK shoot his jizz at!

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Jacob Junior is a very out-going young man who loves dancing, cool clothes, and partying with his friends as much as he can. At just 18 years old, he's a very big boy. This straight stud finds that some girls just can't take his big dick! Certainly many of you would be happy to show him that you can handle his big dick very easily, but for now Jacob is remaining a ladies man. Watch JACOB wank his huge prick at!

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Fratmen 3-Pack: BRIAN, COLBY & PERRY

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Vince grew up in the Northwest and loves the adrenaline of winter sports. He snow boards, skis, snowmobiles, ice fishes and shovels driveways. Vince is going to school for a degree in Sports Medicine and he maintains a healthy workout routine. He was a little shy about getting undressed, as he admitted he’d never really been naked in front of other guys before. But they shyness wore off and he was quickly showing off his beautiful body at!

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JIZZ VIDEO: Straight Skaterboy Cums!

SStraight 18 year old skater strips & jerks off a big load of cum at!

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New At EXTRA BIG DICKS: Hung Threesome!

Whoever said “Two is company; but three is a crowd” obviously didn't see these three young studs: 23 year old Boston boy Ryan Buckley, 32-year-old Austin native Ethan Ayers, and 22-year-old Parker Perry. Watch their hot huge-cocked action scene at!

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Frank DuChamp told BoyzParty he was in the mood for flip fuck facial fest and they told Walter Bena who said “what are we waiting for!” Watch FRANK and WALTER at!

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Handsome, blue-eyed Calum is still a bit camera shy. But he has an ageless quality that is quite appealing; Calum could easily pass for someone five years older, or five years younger. He also sports a very nice, rocket-shaped boner. See more of CALUM MURRAY at!

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AllBoys19's Blond Sofa Stroker

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BURKE is 6'3" and he has about 9 inches of cock on a good day. Today was definitely a good day, as we get to watch him take it from soft to hard in real time. It gets big! Burke has a lean frame, but nicely muscled from all the outdoor sports he does. The kid likes to rock climb and mountain bike, and the girls he likes are the sporty kinds, ones that will climb his pillar with him, or hit some single track with knobby tires. Watch BURKE shoot a big load at!

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DirtyBoyVideo's Bisexual CHRIS Cums!

Uncut And Low Hanging. Chris is a wiry guy with a chiseled body. His tight ass and strong legs making him the perfect fucker. He can pump for hours, while you run your hands all over his abs. Plus, his uncut dick and low hangers can really pump out a load of boy batter. Watch Chris enjoy his big uncut dick at!

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ActiveDuty's Naked Military Boy!

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