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Chance is all over the place geographically and career wise. He has lived on just about every continent and speaks 5 languages. He is currently taking business but thinks he will completely change, move to Sweden and maybe become a chef. Chance is 21 years old, is 6'0" tall, weighs 165 lbs and has a 8" cut cock. Watch him wank it until it cums at!

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New stud Cliff Jensen is young, he's hung and he's got a fat load of cum. He also like to party like a madman! We caught up with Cliff after a night of extreme drinking and, apparently, from the lipstick marks all over his body, a night of lots of sex! After Cliff wakes up and gets his senses in order, he realizes that he's all alone! This leaves him only one thing to do, pull out his hard cock and get himself off. To get off, though, Cliff has to dry hump something. So if you're into ass clenching humping, you'll definitely get off watching this guy grind his way to a gushing orgasm, at!

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