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Nothing says "summer is just around the corner" better than spring training, and no sport's equipment is easier to compare to the male anatomy than the bats and balls of baseball. So at the risk of ignoring his smooth firm butt, we'd like to encourage you to watch Fratmen Kip swing his big hard bat and knock his balls right out of the park. No strikes here with hottie jock KIP... at www.FRATMEN.TV!

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New At FRESHMAN X: Thierry

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Thierry Avlin shows off his naked body outdoors at!

New At BOY FUN: Karel

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Karel Mokowski strokes big cock in the kitchen, at!


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Kolby is of Brazilian descent with beautiful brown eyes, thick lips and a nice, fat uncut cock to match. In his debut solo we learn that Kolby is 23 years old, stands 5' 11" and weighs about 180 lbs. He loves to play drums, shoot guns and go mudding in his truck. The more he works that nice cock up and slowly pulls that nice foreskin back and forth over the beautiful head, the more you'll want to jump on the bed next to him and help him out at!

New At ASIA BOY: Mew And James Cum Attack

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The horny boys we film are usually eager to get it on, and our new models Mew and James are no exception. They start to fondle their erections in the shower and soon they are all over each other, kissing, licking, sucking and fucking. After a lot of hard and sweaty work, James has to cum. He has saved his sperm for almost a week and shoots a beautiful load of fresh sperm right on his friends juicy ass, at!

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New At SQUIRTZ: Robbie Ray

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Robby Ray, like so many Canadian artists, has come to Montreal to pursue his musical aspirations. For employment, redhaired Robby is a piano teacher but he's also studying music and performing as well. Though he's an excellent piano player, Squirtz was most interested in his tremendous organ. When Robby got it up, and he gets hard impressively easy, we were very impressed. Robby considers himself gay, versatile, at!

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"Viktor was a little quiet when I first met him. He opened up after a bit. He said his English wasn't that good, that was why he didn't want to say anything. He started to talk and it was just fine. He has great feet, nice, soft and smooth. He was 22 when I shot this video" at!

New At LUCAS KAZAN: Giorgio and Mathieu

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Giorgio's definition is a wonder: you can use those abs as a cutting board. Mathieu's cock, on the other hand, gets so hard, so erect, you can hardly do anything with it. Both think of themselves as bi-sexual, but their obvious chemistry together makes me wonder: perhaps a little more 'gay' than 'straight'? No matter, they had fun, shooting; so will you, watching at!

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New At VIDEO BOYS: Ben Rose Probes Two Holes

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First of all, yes, Ben Roes is straight. And because of his really great look and amazing body we thought it might be interesting to see what kind of a solo show he could do for us. And because we knew he was straight and because he is the way he is, we just assumed that a fleshjack would be precisely the toy that would please him. It was only during the interview that we learned that Ben is a lot more experimental than we had given him credit for. And though we weren't wrong that the fleshjack was a great toy for him, it's quite possible that a dildo might have done the trick even better. But that's no reason to think Ben couldn't get everything he wants. While his right hand is working the fleshjack, the fingers of his left hand are free to wander where they please at!

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LIVE GUYS' Dylon Strips!

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Watch young hunky guys stripping and putting on XXX webcam shows at!

New At SPUNK WORTHY: Ari Returns

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Ari admitted that he was a little nervous for his first time on camera. Apparently, once he tried jacking off for the world to see it was more of a turn-on than he thought it might be. He even went home and told a handful of friends about the experience. Ari called up shortly after his last shoot to see about doing it again. His sexy eyes just drive me crazy. Of course, the rest of the package ain't so bad either. He was having a little fun during the shoot and playing to the camera, stroking his cock nice and slow for the close-up shots. I think there's an exhibitionist side to him that we're getting to witness as he discovers it himself! Ari's grand finale was hot. His free hand rubbed up and down his body while he stroked his cock. His balls started tightening up and he moaned in pleasure as spurt after spurt of cum shot out onto his stomach at!

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New At COLLEGE DUDES: Marshall White

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Marshall White is a 21 year old stud standing 6-2 and loving every minute of life. Marshall is jacked, and he loves to show off his body. He exudes confidence, and this is exactly the type of college jock senior we love here at CollegeDudes. Marshall has a nice cock, and lots of stories to tell about it. He strokes it slowly, letting us enjjoy the view, then he gives us an even better view by getting on his knees and showing off his awesome ass. We love the way Marshall plays with himself - he looks good no matter what he is doing. As he leans back into the chair ready to enjoy his climax, his breathing gets a little heavier and he squeezes his cock harder until his creamy load shoots out of his cock at!

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New At ISLAND STUDS: Sexy Surfer Kody is BACK to Nut with Bananas!

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Kody the super sexy athletic surfer from Hawaii is BACK: working naked and busting a big nut outdoors in public! Kody, a high school wrestler LOVES his new job - modeling and working naked outside in the tropical sun! Kody's beautiful dick is ROCK HARD as he poses in the jungle with his hand tools wearing nothing but flip-flops on his tan feet! Feast your eyes on this sexy wrestler exposing his entire ripped muscle body as he walks around naked with his big cock bouncing up and down in the garden. Once all cleaned up, Kody sits down in the garden for a long jerk off session! As he works up his monster meat he glances into the camera several times showing us his bright green eyes! Watching this popular Hawaiian surfer stroke his LONG BOARD is not to be missed! After playing with his heavy balls, Kody delivers a VERY MESSY cum shot at!

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New At BARE ADVENTURES: John Parker and Chris R

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Relaxing on the massage table, John Parker enjoys a rub down by blond Chris in a vest and hot white undies. As Chris moves towards John's head, he can't hide his growing bulge from under those tight briefs and John can't help but notice it either!! Asking if he can help his friend out, an impressively large straight dick is burst out and goes straight down John's hungry throat at!

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New At Swallow My Seed

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Among the rubble, this pair of smooth beauties is about to engage in some hot suck and fuck action. To cap off the supreme ass-pounding, you can bet it won't be over until this bottom boy swallows the seed of his dominant top in "Swallow My Seed" featuring Bryan Addams, Chad Driver (aka Peer Gomez), Jan Sears, Libor Radec, Lukas Zandy, Mario Farina, Miguel Streeta, Paolo Kovacz at!

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New At BULL DOG PIT: Marco Parelli and Bruno Flex

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skinhead Bruno and his massive knob get to grips with one another as he bends over and take the whole head into his own mouth!! Getting it ready for dark haired Marco, it's rock hard and ready for more throat probing. Swallowing Marco's entire delicious dick, all the way down, he swallows every inch, trying to repay the favour, Marco can't take it all in his mouth, but the bets are on that his ass can!! Spitting on his hole and cock slapping it, Bruno slowly slides in as we see Marco pushing back, taking it all up his peachy bum. Swapping sides, Bruno gets a taste of Marco’s member as the tables are turned and he's pushed over and forced to take the thickness into him at!

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New At BARE BACK TWINK: Denis Reed and Nick Daniels

Posted on 4/3/2012 by DormSpunk

Nineteen year-old Nick Daniels steps off the train for this point-of-view sex scene with Denis Reed. They arrive at the club where dark-haired Nick immediately starts servicing the huge cock before him. Watching this POV scene will get you all hot and bothered, making you feel as if you were right there with Nick, getting your dick sucked by the easy-going Eastern European twink. You can practically feel his lips around the head of your cock and his hot breath as you shove your big dick down his throat as far as he can manage. And wait til you experience the way his ass looks getting fucked raw! You'll swear you're the one splitting that sweet raw hole open, leaving him with a gaping hole as he shoots his load all over your belly then dips his fingers in his mouth to taste his own jizz at!

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Petty officer Rohn is about as All-American as you can get. This cutie is blond, perky, hairy in all the right places, and friendly as can be. He has a great attitude, loves his country and has the stars and stripes tattoo to prove it. Rohn had one of the most dangerous jobs on the flight deck as an aviation structural mechanic. But that still didn't keep him from having fun... Most military men are natural competitors, Petty Officer Rohn and Lance Corporal Chris are no exemption to this rule. These studs have both been deployed over seas, worked some of the most dangerous jobs in the service. Rohn and Chris start by swapping stories from their enlistment days, everything from the dangers of working on a flight deck to military issued sex toys. After a little bonding while watching a porn, nature takes its course and before you know it, they are giving each other a helping hand at!



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Walker Young has dark blonde hair, blue eyes, a hard ripped body, and a nice long uncut dick. He tells us about what he looks for in a woman, his experience getting a blow job in a packed movie theater, and I even get him to show off his muscles a bit for me before he starts his bath. Walker heads into the bathroom and slowly strips down until he is left in his blue boxers. He slides a hand down and juggles his balls a little before pulling out his hooded man sausage. While the water is filling up, Walker tugs gently on his sack and pulls his foreskin up and down. I can't wait for this smooth muscled stud to get nice and wet and see what he has in store for us at!

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New BEL AMI DVDs On Sale!

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Kinky Angels Part 2 (DVD) THE ULTIMATE UBERTWINK COLLECTION! Fresh, sexy and uninhibited... The youngest generation of BelAmi models make their debut in Kinky Angels. Back in Africa - Part 2 (DVD) The continuation of the hit series started last winter when six models headed to Cape Town for an intensive 3-month english course. Taking matters into their own hands, the boys documented their trials, tribulations and pleasures as they pursued language proficiency. The result, George believes, is among the sexiest and funniest material produced over BelAmi's many years... Skin On Skin 5 (DVD) The Most Successful bareback series on the internet Irresistible (DVD) Sometimes a boy comes along you just can't say no to... Featuring the cumshot of the year with Kris Evans & Kevin Warhol. Doing It Together (DVD) Milo and Elijah Peters are at it again in their 3rd feature 'Together'. Includes the hit scene with Kris Evans and more.. American Lovers Part One (DVD) Over the summer we invited the first of our "American Lovers" to come over and try out for a place amongst the BelAmi team. This is a first look at a new era of American BelAmi models...

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New At BROKE STR8 BOYS: Spencer Todd

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Redhaired Spencer Todd. This strapping red head is financially strapped so he is here to do a solo jerk off so that he can pay his bills. Standing up, Spencer said that he worked out most days of the week and as he flexed his muscles to prove his point, there was no doubt that he is one of the most muscular boys to appear on Broke Straight Boys. As I zoomed in for a close up, Spencer admitted that his favorite part of his body was his back. Taking off his white singlet, Spencer turned around and was more than happy to flex his back muscles for the benefit of the BSB members. He turned around again and was fairly comfortable with the camera panning down his body until it zoomed in on his crotch. At my request, he pulled down the waistband of his sweat pants and showed off his half soft cock and fiery red pubes at!

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New At DIRTY BOY VIDEO: "Anal Sex On 1st Date!"

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DirtyBoyVideo was not intended to be a gay dating service... but every once in a while we manage to hook up some amateur models who regularly check out the site. Evan is an awesome sexy 19 year old go go boy and fan of this site who wrote us wanting to top in some anal action. It just so happened horny 20 year old bottom boy Josh wrote us wanting to get fucked on camera to fulfill his amateur gay porn fantasy! They agreed to meet up for the shoot and really hit it off, sucking and fucking and staining up our couch at!

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New At RUGGER BUGGER: ALPCM Nantes Basketballers

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Ruggerbugger get inside the locker room of ALPCM Nantes Basketball team catching a video full of sporty cock and ass! The video gets an in depth look at how the team works interviewing different members of this French team including talking to them in the locker room and showers capturing their masculine athletic bodies completely exposed. See more of the team unclothed at!

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New At STR8 FRATERNITY: Ricky's First Time

Posted on 4/2/2012 by DormSpunk

Ricky and Lee just met today. Ricky's first sexual encounter was a beautiful thing. Ever since he's been "addicted to sex." Lee's first time ended up in the bathroom alone to finish himself off. They are told there is going to be a contest at!

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New At ERIC DEMAN: Lads Stripping In A Pub!

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Nothing tops off a wild drunken night out at the pub for a group of straight lads than stripping down buck naked and exhibiting how tough and manly they can be. EricDeman has a smoking hot video of guys like this buck naked in public taking turns at a punching bag tester. See the full real video of these guys gone wild at!

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