Posted on 5/16/2012 by DormSpunk

This cute little tough guy JACOB PIKE doesn't care how he gets off as long as he's on top. "Ya, I'll nut anywhere - I don't care. But I'm going to be the one fucking your ass!" Jacob pulls his rock hard cock out of his jeans and shows off the river of precum dripping down his shaft. He slowly works his cock and brings himself right to the edge of cumming several times before hosing himself down with a thick load of creamy white jizz. He licks up as much as he can before looking up a the camera for approval at!

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New At FRATMEN TV: Kelan

Posted on 5/16/2012 by DormSpunk

Fratmen Kelan is back and looking better than ever. He's a lean, mean fighting machine. Have you seen him recently at the Fratpad? Check him out at www.FRATMEN.TV!

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New At FRESHMAN X: Marcelo

Posted on 5/16/2012 by DormSpunk

Handsome lad Marcelo whips out his uncut cock and blows his load at!

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New At BOY FUN: Tommie Kool

Posted on 5/16/2012 by DormSpunk

Horny Tommie Kool comes in from the cold to jerk off at!

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Posted on 5/16/2012 by DormSpunk

Brad and Sickle are home from their second tour in the Army and looking to blow off some steam. Turns our Sickle doesn't have much experience having sex with women, and Brad offers to show him how to fuck! Amateur model Kimmy is glad to let these two soldiers take their time and their turn first getting their cocks sucked and then fucking her at!

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New At SQUIRTZ: Cam Fox

Posted on 5/16/2012 by DormSpunk

Young Cam Fox is sort of an "all-Canadian" boy next door type. He seems like the kind of boy you could be proud to bring home to meet your mother. He's polite, well spoken, modest, does well in school and plays a lot of sports. What more could you ask for? Well, for one thing you could ask for a smoking' hot natural body. And you could ask for the world's most perfectly shaped long, thick dick. You get all of these in the package that is Cam Fox at!

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New At VIDEO BOYS: All-Stars Tag Team a Sex Slave

Posted on 5/16/2012 by DormSpunk

Three of our all-time favourites, the All-Star team of Videoboys, Justin Lebeau, Bobby Long and Lukas Wild needed an excuse to unwind and do what they do best as a team. And Silvio Costa was the perfect excuse. Even at the young age of 18, Silvio has a very well developed sense of his strongest desires. The simplest way to describe it is "Sex Slave". He doesn't want to make any decisions about what to do in sex and he doesn't want to be treated with too much respect. Toss him around, make him suck you, fuck him and especially slap him. Slap his ass enough to make it red, slap his face with your cock. But to top it all off, to make it really special, all the guys involved have to cum on him. And the more guys cumming on him, the more he loves it. The entire All-Star team, Justin, Bobby, Lukas, were definitely up for making Silvio's dream come true. But it was Bobby who really took a special interest in making our sex slave happy while making himself happy in the process. Bobby took Silvio in hand right from the start, getting Silvio to suck his cock and then generously shared out Silvio's mouth with his friends. Once everyone had a little turn, Bobby took it up a notch by shoving his big dick in Silvio's ass. After everyone had had a chance to play with the slave boy, it was time for Silvio to get his sperm bath. Our All-Stars gave the slave boy more than he could have hoped for at!

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New At BEL AMI: Fabio

Posted on 5/16/2012 by DormSpunk

Eager blond boy Fabio. We've got one for the blond boy lovers this week ... Fabio is a super sexy blond boy with amazing thick full lips just made for sucking cock. He strips down to reveal a sexy lean body and fat uncut cock too at!

New At COLLEGE DUDES: Kaleb Strong

Posted on 5/13/2012 by DormSpunk

Some guys get all the luck. Good skin, nice teeth, pretty eyes, thick hair... Mostly, those kind of guys end up being runway models... or Fratmen. It certainly doesn't hurt that he has a big, hard dick. Say hello to Fratmen Nathan at!

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New At SPANK THIS: Live With TJ Wood

Posted on 5/13/2012 by DormSpunk

A Live Spank Event, Jeff Sterne and TJ Wood administer a spankathon featuring Chase Young, Nicholas Leoni, Alexi Morgan and Tony Wolf. There's no yelling cut for these boys when a live camera is rolling, and their smooth rear's are getting spanked until their raw and red at!

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New At ACTIVE DUTY: Tucker

Posted on 5/13/2012 by DormSpunk

Active Duty's new recruit Tucker is 21 years old, stands 6' 1" and weighs around 180 pounds. He likes to golf, work out, snowboard, wake board and party it up. Tucker is ripped and muscular, with thick meaty thighs and a nice-sized dick. Dink Flamingo met him in Hawaii, where he spent a lot of time hanging out at the house and Dink learned about his secrets. In his debut solo he isn't shy and talks dirty to the camera as he teases us, including humping the bed and spreading his pink pucker, before he blows a huge load and takes a shower at!

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New At 8TEEN BOY: Luke Allen, Kurt Summers

Posted on 5/13/2012 by DormSpunk

Sophomores Luke Allen and Kurt Summers are bummed that they aren't going to get to be roommates like last year. They're especially sad because they were such good "cuddle buddies" and now when it's time for lights out they won't be able to crawl into each others beds. Kurt optimism brings Luke into better spirits, "Well... we'll still have time to cuddle, I mean you're roommates aren't here right now." The two twinks go in for a hot make out session "just like old times." And just like old times these two are stripping down to their birthday suits. It's deep sucking and ball to butt fucking that has these cuddle buddies reaching new bases in their dorm room relationship at!

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New At FRAT BOY: Dorian Deschain

Posted on 5/13/2012 by DormSpunk

Sexy fratboy top Dorian who loves to fuck young blooded twinks, takes an afternoon to jack off for the camera. Running his strong hands along his chiseled body, he finds his nipples completely erect and glides down to his crotch where his penis is hard and throbbing inside his undies. After slipping them off he starts stroking his rock hard cock. He then gets on all fours, pointing his smooth ass at the camera for us to enjoy and begins fingering his tight hole while jacking off. Once he is loose enough, he slips a dildo into his hungry hole and massages his prostate until he shoots his load all over himself at!

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New At HOT STUDS: Chase and Skyelr's Raw Cage Fantasy

Posted on 5/13/2012 by DormSpunk

Chase Young wakes up feeling disoriented and confused until it all slowly comes back to him. He is in Skyelr's dungeon, locked up in a cage. The confusion dissipates as he feels warmth rushing through his body as he sees his Master standing by holding chains and handcuffs. His boredom is about to end and he can finally serve his master. Skyelr drops his pants and feeds his cock to Chase. After Chase sucks Skyelr to full erection, Skyelr starts fucking him through the cage wires. Once Chase's tight bubble butt is ready for more, Skyelr slips inside the cage to give Chase a deeper fucking. Skyelr then takes his slave boy and brings him to the sling where he continues pounding his ass. Once Skyelr is done, and cums, he throws Chase back into the cage and leaves him. Now alone, Chase finishes himself off as he plays back in his mind the hard pounding he just received at!

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New At BAD PUPPY: Daniel

Posted on 5/13/2012 by DormSpunk

20 year old Daniel Casideo comes to us from Prague, Czech Republic. Daniel is a full time student at the local university, where he is studying business management. He loves both watching and playing Soccer, but really enjoys all sports. Daniel is home alone and with the house to himself, he decides to take advantage of this time alone to jack off. He hops up on the bed and pushes his jeans and briefs down around his ankles, giving him easier access to give his uncut cock a good workout! He removes his t-shirt and begins rubbing his body with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. Daniel finishes undressing and gets down to business. He turns over on his stomach and begins rubbing his dick on the comforter, while showing us his smooth ass. On his knees and stroking, his cock stands both hard and tall, with a full ball sac to boot! Now laying on his back on the bed, Daniel feels like he's about to cum and he sure does, delivering a load on his upper chest, across his torso at!

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New At DIRTY BOY VIDEO: Fucking Tanner

Posted on 5/13/2012 by DormSpunk

Horny amateur models Giovanni and Tanner put on a great show! Smooth, shaggy haired blond bottom boy Tanner offers up this ass to Giovanni. You can see how hot the sexy Giovanni is to get on Tanner's ass as they undress. Giovanni takes charge, pulling off Tanner's jeans revealing his snug blue briefs. Tanner sucks Giovanni's fat uncut cock, stroking it with his lips and tongue! Giovanni sits back on the couch and Tanner sits his hairless boy hole down on his cock! He fucks Tanner hard and deep, first with Tanner on his lap, then taking him from behind, pushing his face into the cushions before emptying his nuts all over Tanner's face at!

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New At NAKED FRATHOUSE: Sonny's Live Jackoff!

Posted on 5/13/2012 by DormSpunk

NakedFratHouse goes old school. From the basement of the frat-pad comes Sonny. He is one of the original bro's ready to beat his meat for a live audience. Young, fun, and full of cum, Sonny is a good time guy from So Cal. He has a huge grin plastered all over his face as he makes new friends in the chat room. Sonny pulls off his shirts to reveal his tight toned abs and smooth chest. He is more than happy to give up an underarm shot or two and show off his great hairy pits. Sonny's best feature is the next to come out, his big pink jock cock is finally free fro his boxers, and Sonny goes to town. He strokes it fast and hard, like a man on a mission. Sonny pulls up his knees to give the viewers a better view of his hairy ass, while his hand works over all eight and a half inches of his dick. There is no stopping Sony now, he pumps his shaft up and down, faster and faster until a big steamy jock load spews straight up into the air, and rolls onto his hairy knuckle. He clean up and showers off, with that big grin in place the whole while at!

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Posted on 5/13/2012 by DormSpunk

GARY BRADSHAW. A smiling and quite excited young gun shows up at my door. He has a big shit-eating grin on his face as he introduces himself to me. Gary has full head of beach bum hair, a big smile, and something to prove to the world. He has gotten lots of compliments from the ladies on his special talent, and has even started checking out other guys? units to see how they measure up. Gary is more than happy to drop trow and start summoning his demon through his boxers. The jeans slide off his long, hairy, lean runner's legs and expose a beautifully unkempt bush. He rocks his thick cock to and fro until the swollen monster is stiff as a board. DOMINIC REED SWALLOWS 9. Gary and Dominic have no problems chatting away and remembering some of their bonding experiences in college. Dominic talks about his strategy on picking up girls at the bar. He likes to play hard to get. But if the chick is a ten, he will be all up on her buying her drinks and as he says, "Whatever else she needs!" Gary then shares how he enjoys a nice fat ass and a nice chest. He even tells us how when he is doing doggy and gives a slap on the ass, that will get him really going. They take it to the next step and decide to pop in a porn and start playing with themselves. They both grasp onto their rods through their jeans and massage them gently. Dominic is first to unbuckle his belt and whip out his throbbing hard dick. He starts stroking it from tip to base and glances over at Gary as he starts to pull his out from the depths of his pants. The boys casually talk while they are choking their chickens at!

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New At FRATMEN TV: Nathan

Posted on 5/12/2012 by DormSpunk

Some guys get all the luck. Good skin, nice teeth, pretty eyes, thick hair... Mostly, those kind of guys end up being runway models... or Fratmen. It certainly doesn't hurt that he has a big, hard dick. Say hello to Fratmen Nathan at www.FRATMEN.TV!

NATHAN shows off his HUGE cock in this free preview video from www.FRATMEN.TV!

New At FIRST AUDITIONS: Furry Uncut Mark

Posted on 5/12/2012 by DormSpunk

Hetero lad Mark has a tough look with his short hair and mean stare, but he's a very soft-spoken and gentle young man. For someone so young he has a nice layer of fur coating his chest and ass. He's very strict about wanting no contact with a man yet the casting director still teaches him to pose his naked body exactly how we want to see it with his ass fully spread. He has a luscious long thin cock and gives a really horny cumshot at!

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New At ERIC DEMAN: Daring Exhibitionist

Posted on 5/12/2012 by DormSpunk

EricDeman has videos from a daring exhibitionist fella who records himself surprising people getting off the elevator with his naked body. Most people try to walk on by while pretending there isn't a man with his dick on show in front of them. Sure, it's immature but it's interesting to see a bit of sexiness injected into everyday life. We admire the balls on this guy at!

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New At ISLAND STUDS: Jock Dane Pees & Cums!

Posted on 5/12/2012 by DormSpunk

Dane, the popular Hawaiian body boarder with the sculpted abs, hairy muscular butt and Hollywood smile is back for more exhibitionist fun! And this time he brought his tennis racket - NAKED tennis anyone?! This young jock just loves to smile and show off for the camera! He has a great body, beautiful dick, mouth watering low hanging nuts and he knows it! Since his first shoot, Dane has put on even more muscle and more body hair. Our athletic stud is now becoming a furry man jock! Check out that thick white fuzzy ass! he is completely comfortable lifting his legs in the air while on his back and opening his juicy butthole for us all to see! He even "winks" his sphincter at the camera! The more Dane masturbates the more turned on he gets, and soon his whole body starts shaking and jerking as he gets close to busting a nut. Dane shoots thick jets of creamy white sperm all over his hands and hairy crotch. What a jizz shot at!

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New At SPRITZZ: Get Your Big Knob Out!

Posted on 5/12/2012 by DormSpunk

"So young and 9 inches" Two mates shag in an old bunker. Slim, dark blond-haired Luke is in his early twenties and lucky enough to have a 9-inch dick which he loves wanking off as slightly older Johan fucks him in all possible positions. The whole session ends in a huge spunkfest... Johan Volny, Luke Pascoe. "Get your big knob out" Stefan has a muscular little bod and a huge todger. As he's alone at work with Kenny he suddenly takes his meat out of his trousers. Kenny, who's just as hot and never one to say no to a good fuck, starts sucking the huge dick head. But the sight of Stefan's tight little arse drives him nuts and he starts pounding his pal's fuckhole until they both cum. Kenny Carlson, Stefan Luedecke at!

EAST BOYS' Big-Balled Twink!

Posted on 5/12/2012 by DormSpunk

Cute young lad has HUGE nuts! See more horny twinks at!

WATCH & DOWNLOAD: Demin's Urine Sample

Posted on 5/12/2012 by DormSpunk

" Boy Med Exams for Demin " : Medical checkup for Demin was nothing special. He was in hospital a lot of times. Doctors usually examined him naked and hewas always ready for different tests. But group medical checkup, it was the thing he did not expect. Doctor took 5 boys for one time and asked them to take our the clothes... FREE VIDEOS CLICK HERE!

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