Posted on 6/5/2012 by DormSpunk

Cirrus is Back Surfing Naked in Hawaii! Cirrus, the free-spirited blond New Age hippy farm boy with the thick cock and ripped, all-natural smooth body is back for a naked surf session on a beautiful Hawaiian beach! If you like real natural male nudism this film is a classic! Watch this organic nature boy's yummy naked body as he climbs trees, surfs in the sea and works outdoors with a raging hardon at!

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New At FRATBOY: Max Carter, Alex Waters

Posted on 6/5/2012 by DormSpunk

It's hot blonde Booty Camp when Max Carter and Alex Waters work on their ripped, tanned bodies outdoors then work on each others naked bods in the barracks. Alex lays on his belly, so Max can get a taste of his sweet college boy hole, then his fat boner as Alex fucks his face in a 69. Max sits his muscle bottom down on Alex lap and gets dick pumped from down under. The young private gives up tight hole up to the horny straight stud. With his legs wide open, Max's eyes roll back as hard fucker, Alex pumps his cum load out at!

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New At 8TEEN BOY: Blake

Posted on 6/5/2012 by DormSpunk

Cast your eyes on an intimate encounter with Blake as he takes an afternoon to indulge himself the best way he knows how Ė learning that he can please himself with the touch of his hand and the assistance of a hand blown toy in his tight boy hole. This boy's imagination is running wild and the erotic energy is flowing freely. By the end of this solo you're going to need your own afternoon session alone in the bedroom. Enjoy all that is, Blake Elliott at!

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Posted on 6/5/2012 by DormSpunk

Blue eyed beauty Caleb is on my couch today and he is all smiles and giggles. He is excited for his chance to perform and I get to know him a little bit before we start. Caleb tells me about his sexual adventures in amusement parks, his favorite sexual positions, and I learn about how much he loves to suck dick. He has come to the right place; because talented cocksukers are my specialty. Caleb wastes no time in unbuckling my belt and whipping out my fattened penis and shoving it into his wet mouth. He sure is good at what he does and he even gets my entire hardened package completely down his throat. Next, Caleb rises and drops his pants. He rubs his and my schlong together before I sit down to enjoy some more of his tongue whipping. He gets on all fours, allowing access to his sweet pink hole. I spit a little on his hole and plunge my finger deep into his man cave. My throbbing cock is begging for more and I slap my stiff dong hard against his crack. Caleb lets out several load moans as I finger punch his tight hole. I spin around in front of him now and he continues to slurp on my sausage and lick my balls. Before I know it I am reaching my climax and I pull his head over to face me. I explode several globs of thick white cum into his mouth, missing my mark a bit a coating his face with some. Now Caleb is ready for his turn and leans on top of my table and strokes his tool ferociously. He moans out loudly and milks out his cum and the the drops drip onto the table top at!

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Posted on 6/5/2012 by DormSpunk

BAREBACKING EVAN PARKS. Watch Evan Parks gets his tight hole fucked raw by Seth Chase for BarebackPlace. Evan normally prefers to top than to bottom. In the interview he tells Aaron that he rarely gets fucked and that it has been about a year since he's gotten boned up the ass. After learning that the shoot may take 45 minutes, he responds: "I'm going to be sore tomorrow..." Yes, yes you will be Evan! The scene begins with Seth on the bed, Evan unzips his pants and starts sucking on his cock. Evan takes Seth's dick deep down his throat getting it nice and hard so Seth can insert it in his butt. Seth is now fully hard from having Evan's face on his dick. Evan pops up his ass and is ready to get pounded raw at!

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New Gay Twink DVDs!

Posted on 6/5/2012 by DormSpunk

BUY your new gay young lad DVDs, including Dink Flamingo's 3-Disc "Gung Ho! The Trilogy", Kabuki Pictures' "Japanese Strokers 6", Southern Strokes' "Six Times The Cum", Buzz West's "Str8 From Boot Camp 2", Xtras Productions' "Twinked Out Of His Mind", Sparta Video's 4-Disc "Baby Face POV", at!

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New At ACTIVE DUTY: Tanner

Posted on 6/3/2012 by DormSpunk

Shredded New Recruit Tanner. You may be getting spoiled by all of the hot new recruits Active Duty has been debuting, but yesterday's War Chest update was a real treat featuring two solos their newest dreamy beefcake. Tanner is 23 years old and stands just 5' 8" but weighs a thick 185-190 pounds of pure shredded American beef. It takes a special guy to motivate Dink to shoot two solos of them, and Tanner is just such a man. In his first solo, he lays on the bed and touches himself all over. He poses and shows off his beautiful rod as he strokes it. He was a little nervous, but confident in his amazing body. For his second solo, Tanner had just come from the gym and was wearing his tags and silkies. He poses for us in the jock strap, before taking a shower at!

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New At SPRITZZ: Spunky action Julian Tomlinson, Jan

Posted on 6/3/2012 by DormSpunk

In this scene supertwink Julian Tomlinson, with his curly hair and irresistible, youthful smile, gets a good ramming from sportly Jan. Jan boasts a superbly shaped, XL cock and of course Julian is all too willing to bend over to take it in. As his tight hole gets mercilessly fucked.he groans with pleasure until he shoots a full load of creamy cum. Once he's done it's his turn to be given a full facial by horny Jan at!

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New At YOUNG BASTARDS: Kirk James, Dirk Degger

Posted on 6/3/2012 by DormSpunk

Handcuffed in punishment. On the building site Kirk is bored shitless and out of negligence nearly drops a bucket full of rubble onto his boss's head. As punishment Kirk gets handcuffed, must suck his boss's fat dick and to top it off his cute little arse takes the rap for it. Kirk James, Dirk Degger at!

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New At SQUIRTZ: Samuel

Posted on 6/3/2012 by DormSpunk

Samuel Laroche definitely likes to be engaged in the most manly of activities. He's a construction worker by trade but his favourite pastimes are boxing, which he has done since he was eight years old, kickboxing, motocross and bull riding in the rodeo. Naturally we assumed he was 100% straight, but we were very surprised to learn that Samuel just recently started into a relationship with his first boyfriend. As Samuel explains, he doesn't fall in love with a gender, he falls in love with the person at!

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Posted on 6/3/2012 by DormSpunk

Mathew is a hard straight bastard who comes into FirstAuditions with a lot of bravado bragging about his sexual conquests and the nasty sexual things heís done to women. Itís incredibly satisfying for the casting director trying to tame this feisty young heterosexual and make him submissively pose naked. Being incredibly proud he likes to be the dominant one in charge but in the audition room he has to pose with his ass spread in the air like a cock-hungry whore at!

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Posted on 6/3/2012 by DormSpunk

EricDeman has the best video clips from the enormously hot series Bad Lads Army which shows real army recruits being put through their paces at boot camp. These petulant young straight men are made to line up together, whip down their shorts and get their balls squeezed by a doctor. They rushed out of bed first thing in the morning and must do a humiliating run in their underwear. If they disobey the sarge they have to submit to brutal naked punishment while all the officers watch. Download and save these hot army videos at!

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New At RUGGER BUGGER: Zak Hardaker's Naked Ass!

Posted on 6/3/2012 by DormSpunk

Ruggerbugger has hot photos of rugby player Zak Hardaker stark naked! This 20 year old towers at a staggering 6ft 3in and makes an intimidating presence on the field. But heís also very handy around the house hovering up with nothing on but his yellow rubbers. See much more of this sporty tattooed superstar exposed at!

New At FRATMEN TV: Bruno

Posted on 6/1/2012 by DormSpunk

Fratmen Bruno has those pretty eyes that turn into little crescent moons when he smiles. He must have a mischievous side though because he looks an awful lot like Sean Cody Casey at www.FRATMEN.TV!

BRUNO free preview video from www.FRATMEN.TV!

New At SEX GAYMES: Boys in the Locker Room

Posted on 6/1/2012 by DormSpunk

The bodies on these muscle boys in this video would be enough to get you off, but they're going the whole nine yards with a scorching hot locker room orgy that'll have you watching their encounter over and over at!

Boys in the Locker Room free tube video preview from!

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New At SNEAKY PEEK: Jock Butt On Spycam!

Posted on 6/1/2012 by DormSpunk

The pervy cameraman at Sneakypeek has caught a hairy-chested lad coming into the bus station toilet and changing. Given the fur on his chest itís surprising to discover when he pulls down his pants that his ass is totally hairless. And this dude unwittingly gives us a long look at it bending over to show it off. See hundreds more hidden camera videos at!

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New At BARE ADVENTURES: Damien Dreik and Peter Boow

Posted on 6/1/2012 by DormSpunk

Showing his favourite porn scene to his new found fuck mate, Damien Dreik gets both himself and handsome, slightly hairy chested Peter Boow sporting huge hard-ons in a matter of moments. Intense cock sucking quickly ensues all for the build-up of Peter turning Damien over and slamming his dick into him, up to the hilt, in one swift and smooth motion!! From a slow sucking we are taken to a fast fucking, with peterís balls slapping against Damienís butt so fast they turn into a blur!! With a fuck like that, who wouldnít want one in return? Not Peter! Heís on his side after giving his twinky friend the fuck of his young life, opening his own hole and letting Damien take full control, barebacking him in a slower, but just as sexy pace, panning down Peterís hot body towards the where the action is, almost falling off the sofa mid thrust!! After a quick re-position, Damien shows off his tight, buff young body, a surprise six-pack and pecs we missed before, but as he builds up the pace, the cum canít be held back for long and our dark haired fucker squirts over Peteís freshly fucked ass, letting it drip down, the pleasure of that too much for him and he lifts up and cums over Damien, giving us a parting shot of his hot little body at!

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New At EURO CREME: Luke Desmond and Skylar Blu

Posted on 6/1/2012 by DormSpunk

Waiting for their interviews to join the team of the DreamBoy Hotel, eager twinks Skylar; blond skinny and with a hot look in his eye and Luke; dark, scally and damn sexy are waiting and waiting for an interview that will never come, but that doesnít mean they canít have fun whilst they are there!! It must be that sofa which turns twinks on, as within minutes, Luke has got that immense 9Ē dick down Skylarís very appreciative throat, holding his head back and forth in sweet motion, turning Luke on to the max and Skylar canít wait to have his hole eaten and then given a real workout from our horse-hung young stud. Holding his leg in the air, heís not after the easy option and lets Luke have full and unobstructed access to really go for it, Lukeís tanned and tight abs working overtime as he gives all 9 inches into Skylar and lets us have a great view from in front, behind and from the side Ė we see it all, especially when they turn the sofa to a bed for a cum covered finale that leaves Skylarís butt drenched at!

New At BAREBACK TWINK: New Dorm Roommates Julian Tomlinson and Tom Nutall

Posted on 6/1/2012 by DormSpunk

Our new dorm mates meet, and very quickly get the measure of one another. It doesn't take them long to start 69ing one another getting a good taste of their meat, before the bottom gets his hole opened nice and wide with a toy, followed by a nice raw hard cock. These two definitely look like they're in for a fun semester at!

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