New At FRATMEN TV: Bradley

Posted on 7/5/2012 by DormSpunk

Fratmen Bradley has one of those goofy, mischievous smiles that will just melt your heart. Add into the mix some soft, smooth skin, a rippling six-pack and his lightly furry bubble butt and you have a classic Fratmen college jock at www.FRATMEN.TV!

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New At ACTIVE DUTY: Marine Archer Loves His Mama & The Camera

Posted on 7/5/2012 by DormSpunk

Archer is 20 years old, stands 6' 1" tall and weighs 195 lbs. He's got blue eyes and blondish-brown hair and played lots of sports while in high school. He's really into the rave scene and has been to raves all over Southern California. Like all good marines he loves his mama, so much so that he has "Mama" tattooed on his chest. Archer says he works out several times a week and it's certainly paying off for him. He pays the camera a lot of attention, which I like, as he tells us some stories and works his pretty cock up to a nice load at!

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New At AMATEUR STR8 GUYS: Beefy Hottie Chet

Posted on 7/5/2012 by DormSpunk

Chet, a handsome, clef-chinned 23 years old from Detroit. He's 5' 9" tall and weights 180 pounds. Mike quickly leaves this straight amateur to get down to business, and Chet doesn't waste any time reaching in his military fatigues and playing with himself while he watches straight action on video. Once he looses his pants you get a view of his nice hairy body and his stiff rod and bouncing balls. Mike gets some nice shots as this first timer works up a load that goes all over his stomach at!

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STR8 NAKED THUGS' Big-Balled Cherokee!

Posted on 7/5/2012 by DormSpunk

Cherokee: Dick Full Of Cum From Straight Naked Thugs. Young thug Cherokee get off in a mirror lookin' at his fresh tight body & giant naked cock & cum filled low-hanger nuts. He don't mind that we took pics 4 da fans of SNT cause we no how u like lookin' at fresh straight naked guys at!

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Posted on 7/5/2012 by DormSpunk

Trainer slut BIG from Thailand showers and jerks off his large meaty cock at!

WATCH & DOWNLOAD: 3 Free Pee Videos!

Posted on 7/5/2012 by DormSpunk

Young gays are peeing and getting shooted on video... Cute pissed guys with urgent need to piss – watch them in action! Twink pissers wait for you to demonstrate all details of nasty process. See pissing guys and their fresh sweet cocks! WATCH AND DOWNLOAD THESE 3 VIDEOS FREE! FREE VIDEOS CLICK HERE!

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New At SPUNK WORTHY: 19YO Str8 Chance

Posted on 7/3/2012 by DormSpunk

Chance is a 19 y/o straight guy who just finished up his freshman year in college and came out to San Diego to blow off some steam. When he's not studying, Chance likes spending time at the gym and playing a few different sports. Chance has full lips and dark brown bedroom eyes which he said girls notice about him. He admitted that knowing people would be watching him was "kind of exciting." Sure enough, once his pants hit the floor, Chance's dick was already standing at half-mast. He has thick cock surrounded by a patch of dark, almost black pubes. It was also hot that Chance didn't seem to mind spreading his ass show it off at!

New At BAREBACK TWINK: Kevin Lang and Thomas Ross

Posted on 7/3/2012 by DormSpunk

These college boys like to study hard. But sometimes they want to hit more than the books. Hiding from teacher, they help each other out with a cheeky wank under the desk but very soon those hard cocks need more than just a helping hard. With the teacher no where to be seen, it’s up on the desk for a blow job followed quickly by some hard raw fucking at!

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Posted on 7/3/2012 by DormSpunk

This nerdy twink DAMIEN DAY may not look like royalty but when he drops his pants and pulls out his thick and curvey 10 inch cock you'll be on your knees. Bow down before the king of the twinks! Damien shows off his 10" rock hard cock with a sly little grin as a delicate jewel of delicious precum forms at his piss slit. He turns his attention to his asshole and gently stretches it open with two fingers before fucking himself with a transparent butt plug. Before you know it the cum is flying everywhere and he coats his purple t-shirt in a sticky mess of creamy white jizz then collapses in a panting heap on the couch up at!

New At VIDEO BOYS: Jo Turns Straight Boy Bisexual

Posted on 7/3/2012 by DormSpunk

The Prince and The Cowboy: Jo Turns Straight Boy Bisexual. We've talked about Samuel Laroche and Jo Prince before. Before he met Jo Prince, Samuel was an ultra straight guy; into rodeo riding, martial arts and fucking girls. Then one night he met Jo at a bar and found him irresistible. After just a few nights of passion they decided to become a monogamous couple and have been going strong ever since. For those of us who missed out on having a boyfriend as a teen, watching these two together really gives a great sense of how intense this kind of young romance can be. They're playful, passionate, volatile and romantic. One minute they're fighting, the next minute they're kissing. One minute they're making fun of each other, the next they're declaring their undying love. And for pure hot-blooded sex, these two practically burn the house down every time they get naked together. When sucking, they're constantly looking in each others eyes to see how the suckee is reacting to the sucker's tongue strokes. And Samuel, in his role as power top, eats Jo's ass like it was an all-you-can-eat buffet. But it's the fucking where Samuel really burns some calories. Though he was really enjoying the foreplay, Samuel just couldn't wait to get his cock in Jo's smooth little ass. And once he got it in, he became the super energizer bunny, in and out so fast our camera could hardly capture it. He seems to know just the right spots to hit to make Jo lose control. While he was slamming away, Jo's prostate decided it couldn't hold on any longer and Jo's orgasm caught him completely by surprise at!

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New At BAREBACK TWINK: Damion and John Horny

Posted on 7/3/2012 by DormSpunk

Drunk and horny, these two versatile big-dicked shaven headed twinks give each other a good seeing to in the toilets, flip-fucking while the party is going on downstairs at!

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ERIC DEMAN's Streaker Video!

Posted on 7/3/2012 by DormSpunk

If you ever get bored by sports we've got something to spice up the experience. EricDeman has a new video showing off a streaker charging across a football pitch. The players linger in the background watching as the naked man runs from security with his dick and balls flapping in the breeze. See thousands of videos catching men fully exposed at!

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New At RUGGER BUGGER: Steeve Guenot and Renato Civelli Exposed!

Posted on 7/3/2012 by DormSpunk

Ruggerbugger has a horny video of Olympic gold medal winner French wrestler Steeve Guenot exposed. His tight blue singlet shows off his very fit muscular body. To get weighed in he strips down to nothing but a tight pair of pants. See more of Steeve uncovered at Ruggerbugger! Ruggerbugger catches footballer Renato Civelli on video running in nothing but his tight while underwear with his hefty package bouncing. The 28 year old is a giant 6’5” with a lean muscular body. See more of this famous sportsman exposed at!

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New Gay Twink DVDs!

Posted on 7/3/2012 by DormSpunk

BUY your new college boi DVDs, including All Worlds' "Pile On The Jocks", Bijou's "Bad Boys", William Higgins' "The Young & The Hung", EJ's "Straight Bait 4", Next Door Studios' "Lean Meat", and UK Naked Men's "Sexposed", at!

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New At BULL DOG PIT: Clayton Kole and Brett Carter

Posted on 7/3/2012 by DormSpunk

Slim, smooth scally-boy Clayton Kole and toned, tanned Brett Carter start things off in the bedroom, as Brett gets to work tearing off Clayton's dirty trackies and displaying the monster bulge lurking underneath! There's some amazingly hot blowjob action here, with both boys gagging on the other's fat cocks, Brett's broad, muscled physique a contrast to Clayton's slender frame and fair skin. Soon though, Clayton's getting the urge to slam his dirty great fuck rod as far up inside Brett's eager, peachy butt as possible. After a long wet rimjob to loosen up the tight little hole, the blonde boy's gargantuan donkey dick is forced inside Brett, right up his swollen balls, stretching the dark-haired stud's ass to epic proportions. Insatiable Clayton likes to fuck hard and he rams the fucking shit out of Brett, who sweats like the dirty bastard he is while he's pounded relentlessly. Brett jerks himself into a frenzy, (much like everyone else watching this!!) and after what seems like a marathon fucking session both boys cum like fountains, with Brett's sweet lips getting coated in gallons of the stuff, before he licks it off and swallows every drop at!

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New At EURO CREME: Aaron Samuels and Freddie White

Posted on 7/3/2012 by DormSpunk

Taking delivery of the brand spanking new DreamBoy Hotel sign, twink-in-charge Freddie is a little annoyed they were so late, and who better to take his frustration out than tiny little twink Aaron Samuels! Left to get the paperwork, Freddie takes Aaron to the sofa, stripping off swiftly; leaving Freddiea's pale torso gleaming against Aarona's tiny but tanned frame. Aaron truly is a beautifully young looking lad, piercing blue eyes and a young cheeky face, skinny but toned frame and hot cock a but ita's his butt that steal the show totally! Getting fucked by Freddiea's thick dick and saggy balls, Aaron squats over then gets it doggy, with some close-ups on his face that will make you wanna squirt there and then, ita's amazing how long Freddie lasts when hea's the one there getting it in person, the lucky guy a especially when Aaron turns the tables on the man in charge and gets him on all fours and then spunked over.. however, in this tale of flip-reverse, Aaron leaves with his beautiful face covered in the boss man's cuM at!

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New At SQUIRTZ: Andrew

Posted on 7/2/2012 by DormSpunk

It was back in January of 2009 that Andrew Elliot first graced the Squirtz small screen and since then there have been some changes. Andrew is no longer in classical dance but is focusing instead on more academic pursuits. And if you make a comparison with the old 2009 pictures, you'll see that Andrew has added a bit of muscle to his chest. But thankfully, a lot of things have stayed the same. First of all he still has the cute twinkish face and those big dreamy eyes. I guess it's no surprise that he still has that big hard dick that gets hard at the slightest anal stimulation. And yes, he's still the power bottom he's always been, as evidenced by the massive dildo that he brought along to help him get worked up at!

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New At BROKE STR8 BOYS: Brandon, Spencer and Zane

Posted on 7/2/2012 by DormSpunk

Spencer, Brandon and Zane. Despite all three of them looking rather nervous, all three boys said that they were looking forward to the shoot, even if it was just the prospect of earning more easy cash. Each of the boys couldn't help have an anxious grin when they were told that today's expectations were pretty high.Getting the party started, I had Spencer, Brandon and Zane take off their t-shirts, their jeans quickly following. Once they were sitting next to each other naked, they took their cocks in hand and started to jerk themselves off, their dicks steadily rising to the occasion. When all three dicks were rock hard, it was time to decide who was going to suck dick first at!

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New At COLLEGE DUDES: Mike Young

Posted on 7/2/2012 by DormSpunk

At six foot three and two hundred twenty-five pounds, Mike Young is one built 21 year old! Always into football, Mike still tosses the ball around with his buddies, and now that he is 21 he spends an ample amount of time at the bars. He even got a part-time job as a bouncer, and he knows how to intimidate an out-of-control patron. Fortunately for us, he also loves sex, and this horny motherfucker bares all and jerks off for us in this video. Mike is pretty verbal as he strokes his cock. He told us later that the entire time he was thinking of getting head. He absolutely loves getting dome, and we would love to see that, too! Mike works it on the couch, standing up, and on the floor. He gives us some great views of him rubbing his huge, tanned muscles, and it is apparent that he loves showing off his body. The best and biggest surprise, though, is Mikes cumshot. Mike tenses up all of his muscles, including his thick legs, right before he shoots. And when he shoots, what seems like gallons and gallons of cum shoot up his chest, over his shoulder, and way behind him at!

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New At DIRTY BOY VIDEO: Cock Fest Trio!

Posted on 7/2/2012 by DormSpunk

FACE FUCK COCK FEST! Jack told us he had a serious hard on for amateur skater Kyle when he saw him fuck a fleshjack on the site! Naturally Kyle was happy to come over to shoot a blow job sex scene, but didn't know we invited Damien and his super fat cock to join them! The tables quickly turn and it's Kyle on his knees, butt naked without his pants, with two enormous cocks in his face! Everyone gets to suck each other's meat, but it's Kyle that really gets face fucked in this homemade hardcore video at!

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New At STR8 FRATERNITY: Skinny Cody Sucked Off!

Posted on 7/2/2012 by DormSpunk

Young blonde skater punk Cody walks right up to the gloryhole to get his big dick sucked. Shoving his dick and balls through the hole and into a warm mouth, he immediately pops a boner. Cody's taken to the edge and stays rock hard, but in the end, it only takes a few strokes of his taint to push him over and cause him to nut all over the other guy's face at!

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New At CIRCLE JERK BOYS: Kyler Benz's Curved Cock!

Posted on 7/1/2012 by DormSpunk

Kyler Benz is making his debut with us here on and we couldn't be happier to welcome this hung 22 year old hottie from the ATL. It's not hard to tell he's from the south with that sexy twang you hear as soon as he starts to speak. The rest you just have to see for yourself. Kyler makes it home and finally gets some relief from the heat. It doesn't take him long at all to realize he's wearing way too much. He drops his pants and finds he's already at half mast. He starts to caress his smooth chest with one hand and his cock, which is now sticking out of his boxers, with the other. Kyler's got a sweet dick on him and at full mast it's about 7.5", cut with a slight curve to the left. (To the left, to the left, hmmm.) Kyler keeps his bush trimmed neat and his balls are smooth and hangin' low. Kyler's got quite the package on him and a sweet furry bubble butt to boot. Kyler gets comfortable on the couch as he spreads his legs and pays attention to his boner at!


Posted on 7/1/2012 by DormSpunk

Zach Perry is the center of not just my attention today, but for five of my hot studs as well. Sitting just as pretty as you please on my coffee table, Zachary Perry is ready for the ride of a lifetime. The jizz filled boys I have lined up are Eddy Adams (and his monster cock), sexy as fuck Timo Swift, big dicked muscle twink Max Morgan, uncut and super cute Chris, a tall and sexy new comer skater boy, and of course in the middle of it all, grinning ear to ear, Zach. I am serving up quite a variety of cocks for his dining pleasure, long dicks, thick dicks, uncut ones, cut ones, military flavored, skater flavored, these guys cover the board (and Zach's face) when it comes to cock. All of this sounds tasty to Zach who has a great dancer's body and shows up with a huge appetite. He immediately gets to work on the bevy of men in front of him at!

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New At SNEAKY PEEK: Shower Spy Voyeur

Posted on 7/1/2012 by DormSpunk

The SneakyPeek cameraman catches a cute guy in the bus station toilet after he'??s showered. He raises each leg to towel off accidentally giving a nice view of his cock and bulging balls between his legs. He takes special care to dry his ass crack. Horny new spycam videos at!

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New At EXTRA BIG DICKS: Aiden Tripp

Posted on 7/1/2012 by DormSpunk

First time for everything they say, and today is Aiden Tripp's first time with us here at ExtraBigDicks. He is 24 years old and originally from Orlando, FL. Aiden's in college these days working on his degree and "trying" to stay out of trouble. Aiden walks in and finds a stack of DVDs. He tosses out the gay and bi ones and settles on one with hot girls with loads all over them. He sits back and gets comfortable as his dick gets bigger. He peels off his tee to reveal a sweet smooth upper body. He walks over and puts the disc in as we get our first glimpse at that hot ass. His shorts hit the floor as he starts to stroke that dick staring at all the pussy on screen. This Orlando boy is packing. His cock is rock hard as he uses both hands to fist his fat 8" cock. "I wanna cum inside you so bad" he groans as he stares at all the hot whore action on the screen. Aiden is transfixed with the action on screen as he double-fists his fat dick. Aiden then sits back on the floor and spreads those thick thighs to work on that thick dick. "I wanna fuck you so bad and cum inside you, you dirty little whore" he m! oans as he strokes that throbbing dick at!

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New At BAD PUPPY: Mike

Posted on 7/1/2012 by DormSpunk

22 year old Mike Peterson comes to us from the city of Prague. He works for the local Sanitation Department as a garbage man and in his spare time loves tricking out cars. Mike is very horny and decides now is as good a time as any to rub one out! He removes his shirt and begins rubbing his crotch and his body. He removes his blue jeans, leaving him standing in his boxer briefs. Mike takes off his briefs and lays back on the bed, taking hold of his uncut cock and giving it some good stroking action, while rubbing his body all over. Mike gets up on his knees, gripping his cock firmly, pulling his foreskin way back with each stroke. Still on his knees, he turns toward the headboard, stroking with one hand, while massaging and spanking his ass with the other. Mike stands up, back against the wall and closes in on his happy ending. He sits back on the bed and with a few fast and furious strokes; he delivers a thick and creamy cumshot at!

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New At ISLAND STUDS: Greek ALEC Pisses & Cums Big!

Posted on 7/1/2012 by DormSpunk

Alec - Military Muscle God Works his Hairy Hole! "I can't stop having FUN when I'm NAKED!" Alec says with his big beautiful Greek smile and a laugh as he lifts weights FULLY NUDE outdoors. Alec the former US Marine Muscle God is back jerking his BIG BUSHY COCK in the hot Hawaiian sun! Alec is looking even more ripped and muscular than in his first shoot. This time Alec is completely comfortable with nude modeling and working naked! This 26 year old GREEK GOD loves the camera and it shows at!

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