New At VIDEO BOYS: Big-Dicked Skater Boy Etienne Kidd

Posted on 8/21/2012 by DormSpunk

Etienne Kidd hasn't always been a skaterboy. In fact, it was just over a year ago when he took up skateboarding but not for the sport of it. Etienne started skateboarding because a) it was an inexpensive way to get around, and b) because he thought it would be a good way to fulfill his fantasy of sex with skaterboys (and skatergirls - yes, he's bisexual). Yes, he's always had a thing for them and his strategy has worked well. In fact, when adorable Etienne even thinks about the times he's had with the skaterboys it gets him all hot. Watch and see the massive load this fantasy milks out of Etienne at!

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New At EXTRA BIG DICKS: Jacques LaVere

Posted on 8/21/2012 by DormSpunk

"C'est Magnifique!" This week's update is nothing short of magnificent as we add quite a bit of French flavor to the circle. Jacques LaVere makes his debut this week and we're sure you'll love this handsome, athletic garcon even more-once he takes his clothes off. Jacques is 22 years young and was born in the gay city of Paris. His background includes Middle Eastern as well as Nordic lineage that gives him quite a unique look. We wondered what Jacques did on his free time and he grins as he says he likes to jack off a little. Can't be mad at him for that, considering he's got a lot to work with. He started playing with his uncut cock at about the age of 13 when he started taking girls panties. That's what helped him discover his sexuality. He still does that 3 to 4 times a day (jerk off, not take girl's panties) when he doesn't have a shoot to do. Jacques didn't realize he had a big dick 'til he started getting feedback from his sexual partners that gawked at the sight of th! e equipment. Luckily he's never had someone turn him down cuz it hurts so good. Well, we have over 9 reasons why we should stop talking and let him get started showing you all 9 of them... inch by inch at!

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Posted on 8/21/2012 by DormSpunk

19 year old Ted Green comes to us from Prague. Ted is a full time student and plays computer and video games for fun, when he’s done studying each day! His skin is smooth and hair is long. He stares into the camera as he slowly strips down to his boxer briefs, followed by revealing his uncut cock. Ted rubs his body all over and takes his manhood in hand, with some firm stroking action. He turns to show off his smooth bubble but for the camera, rubbing and spreading his cheeks, while stretching his man hole far and wide. Ted sits up on the desk, laid back with his boots still on, stroking his tool and squeezing his balls. He feels like he's reaching his peak, so he grips his cock hard, stroking fast and firm, delivering several blasts of cum up and across his whole upper torso at!

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New At NAKED FRATHOUSE: Chris Shoots Alot Of Jizz!

Posted on 8/21/2012 by DormSpunk

CHRIS LIVE. Motorcycle hottie Chris stopped by the frat house to cool his heels on his short trip to California. He rode in on his sportster to escape some of the desert heat and soak up a little So-Cal action in the summertime. He beats the heat by immediately taking off his shirt to expose his hot-jock six pack and sexy tanned chest. Chris is a hunky nature lover that has a thing for fucking in public, this dude even fucked in a YMCA field in broad daylight. Chris is proud to share that he has fucked girls on almost every continent on the planet. He loves to travel with the promise of something new and wild in each destination. After a few years in the Navy, Chris became quite comfortable jerking off around a bunch of other guys. He is going to fit in with the bro's just fine. The mechanic by trade takes his thick tool and starts really working it, stroking up and down his intact hot jock cock while teasing his foreskin. Chris gets to work on his big uncut dick, beating his meat faster and faster until it stands at it's full 8 inch potential. He gets more and more intense as he tugs his cock into submission. It gushes thick white boy goo all over his hand and a huge gob of it lands right on his blond pube patch at!

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New At DIRTY BOY VIDEO: "I Want Your Cum"

Posted on 8/21/2012 by DormSpunk

Stefan has been working in our office all summer and wants to be an amateur model. "I love gay porn," he says! We told him he'd get his chance to appear on Dirty Boy Video as soon as we found the right sex scene partner for him. Enter Max! With his piercing blue eyes and smooth hairless chest he was a perfect match for the horny Stefan! Stefan is direct, walking right up to Max saying, "I know what I want!" Max gets the message and their kissing quickly leads to their clothes coming off. Max is first on his knees, treating Stefan's large cock to a tongue bath! When they compare their stiff cocks, rubbing them together it's readily apparent they are an impressive match! Stefan looks great on his knees servicing Max, and takes a fat load of jizz right in his face and hair at!

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New At SQUIRTZ: Don Sparks

Posted on 8/21/2012 by DormSpunk

Don Sparks is a bit difficult to categorize. He identifies as gay but we were surprised to learn that there are two things he practices with passion: rap music and martial arts. Not that a gay guy can't do those things but we've become accustomed to young gay models who are more into Britney and dancing all night. But maybe it's Don's lust for the "bad boy" type that has made rap so appealing and martial arts so necessary. Living up to our un-categorizable description, Don can be completely "top" for weeks at a time and for no apparent reason switch to "bottom" overnight and stick with that for weeks. Though he tends to save his sex life for the privacy of the bedroom, he did admit to jerking off at the back of the class in school at!

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New At BROKE STR8 BOYS: Blake, Brandon, Sam and Max

Posted on 8/18/2012 by DormSpunk

Four ways, like southern ice tea and the solos of Lester Young, are blessings from the heavens. Here at BSB we really don't care which god(s) you pray to, but sure like to help you call her name after some "alone time." :-) In service to the deities above, we presenta fourgy with Blake, Brandon, Max, and Sam. Our poor bed is too small for the cuteness assembled! All are new to the experience of quartet boot knocking. "How does it even happen in real life," Blake wonders. The sound you just heard were BSBmembers lining up, ready to show him how such treats can be arranged. Clothes are quickly shed, and Max's man pipe looks like it's ready for action. Sam's schlong gets the recognition it deserves. "Damn, Look at the size of that thing," Blake says as he points to Sam's spikebit. He wishes Max luck in whatever oral loving he plans on offering to Sam at!

Blake, Brandon, Sam and Max free tube video preview from!


Posted on 8/18/2012 by DormSpunk

Hetero wild boy Ben isn't a stranger to being naked on camera. When he's out partying with his friends he likes becoming the centre of attention. Somehow his clothes always come off and he drunkenly performs for the cheering crowd. It's only natural that he wants to take his exhibitionist tendencies to the next step and perform in a porn film. In the intense environment of the casting room he becomes more self conscious and nervous but still finds the experience thrilling at!

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New At BULLDOG PIT: Luke Desmond and Luke Pascoe

Posted on 8/18/2012 by DormSpunk

Dark-haired lad Luke Desmond has got an amazing tanned, muscled body, with a perfect 6 pack and a great big cock! He's decided to share it with his equally well endowed friend Luke Pascoe, which makes two hot Lukes with huge dicks! This time though it's Luke Desmond who gets to ram his man meat deep inside the blonde, slender boy, and he bloody loves it! You can see from the blonde's face that's he can't wait to feel every single inch slide into his tight hole, moaning in pleasure as it slips in at!

New At SWEET & RAW: Egy Carter, Peter Uhlmann, Leo Cooper and Larry Notter

Posted on 8/18/2012 by DormSpunk

Bareback Euro twinks Peter Uhlmann and Larry Notter are painting their apartment. Their skateboarding jock buddies stop by, playful and horny for raw sex. The gay boys pair off and soon forget about the walls. Now they have only thing on their minds: some good cocksucking and bareback fucking! Egy barebacks Peter on his hands and knees, enjoying the twink's smooth hole while Leo sinks his thick cock deep into Larry's tight ass. The jocks match each other stroke for stroke then swap. The horny gay bottoms don't care so long as they keep getting raw action. Peter is a lucky twink. While taking Leo's cock up his tight, little fuckhole, he sucks off the two blond studs and swallows Egy's cum. But when the jocks leave, the hungry cocksuckers are still horny and thinking of more raw sex and Peter gives Larry a huge, hot cum facial at!

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New At EURO CREME: Lloyd Adams and Aaron Samuels

Posted on 8/18/2012 by DormSpunk

Cute twink Lloyd Adams gets a gift from God in the form of everyone’s favourite DreamBoy delivery boy Aaron Samuels. Waking up in the middle of the night with no porn, no GPS apps helping him out, he gets a knock on the door and there’s Aaron with a heavy box, full of porn DVDs! Thanking the Heavens, Lloyd is pushed back onto the porn-covered bed and gets the blowjob of his life! The devilishly handsome Aaron enjoys Lloyd’s dick with a vengeance, almost making him cum at the very beginning, but he’s got all night to get attention. As they share each other’s dicks, Aaron is soon pulled up over Lloyd and his waiting dick, letting his fuck-mate pound him from below, letting us in on the action as his hole is stretched wide, the tanned Lloyd and the milky white Aaron looking perfect together, especially when his gaping hole is fingered in great close-up, ready for yet another position over the bed! Turning tables on us, this ! horned up pair flips it around and Lloyd is fucked by Aaron until both lads spunk, leaving only Aaron to wish Lloyd a Happy Birthday... but is it really his birthday? at!


Posted on 8/18/2012 by DormSpunk

College boy Drew tugging on his hard cock at!

New At BOY FUN: Ralph

Posted on 8/18/2012 by DormSpunk

Sexy Ralph eats grapes while playing with his cock at!


Tyson is a hot 20 year old with a lean runners body, a terrific smile and a nice big 8.5" cock! And if that weren't enough, check out his hot bubble butt at!

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