New At SEAN CODY: Tate

Posted on 9/14/2012 by DormSpunk

"I won ‘best smile’ in high school!" "Well I would hope so with those big red lips!" "Yeah, I get that a lot!" Tate looks younger than he actually is. I didn’t believe he is 21 until he took off his shirt and I saw a hairy chest and six pack. "You’ve got some hair on you!" I commented. "Sure do! I think it makes me look more manly," he laughed. He pointed to his crotch and said, "It gets furry down there. Sometimes I shave my balls, sometimes I let it grow free." He had great balls! When he took off his shorts I noticed those fuzzy nuts right away at!

Real University Jock Boners!

Posted on 9/14/2012 by DormSpunk

Thousands of young college guys get naked and take pictures of themselves at!

New At CIRLCE JERK BOYS: Brad Campbell & Lucas Vitello

Posted on 9/14/2012 by DormSpunk

Brad Cambell is back after quite the warm welcome from our members who got a chance to feast their eyes on this sizzling South Carolinian with a permanent 5 o'clock shadow and sexy blue eyes. At 19, Brad has a long career ahead of him; and we're just glad we get to help him get started. Back after way too long is Lucas Vitello who last appeared on our site in a steamy duo with Chris Tyler. They start off as Lucas asks him to flex his muscles as Brad peels off his shirt and shorts. As his shorts come off it's apparent by the tent growing in his boxers that it's turning Brad on. "You got a pretty big dick' Lucas says 'looks rather tasty!" Music to Brad's ears who asks Lucas what he's still doing across the room. Lucas reports to his post on his knees, front and center, ready to taste some Southern goodness at!

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New At BOYZ PARTY: Ross Timmons & Ryan Sinclair

Posted on 9/14/2012 by DormSpunk

Ross was napping on chaise but the bulge in his tighty whiteys indicated not all part of him were asleep. A moment later, when Ryan walked in and opened his towel, his long, thick uncut cock went from "big" to "huge" in record time and soon found a home in Ross's warm mouth. Ryan bent over for a long, deep kiss then licked his way down Ross's body until he engulfed Ross's throbbing dick. Keeping it in his mouth as he pivoted around for a fast and furious 69 then Ross moved up and fucked Ryan's mouth. Feeling the majestic globes of Ross's ass, Ryan turned the tables this time, bending Ross over and nailing him with his now colossal cock again and again until he pulled out, stood up and gave Ross a thick heavy facial. With his still hard cock, he plunged back into Ross's hole to help Ross deliver his own even thicker load all over his abs at!

New At BOYKAKKE: Top Model 7: The Strip Contest

Posted on 9/14/2012 by DormSpunk

In "Boykakke's Top Model Strip Contest," Nut Lakdee, Paj Beer, Vodga Soda and Nuck Fongnee are here to strip and tease you, enjoy! Nut, winner of the last contest, starts us out. As he pumps to the beat of the music, he also adds a nice tease, holding his hands over "the goods." As he moves, his cock gets bigger and bigger; his is not the only one. In the end, he pulls out all the stops and rocks his cock. Paj is up next. He dances to the music as he rubs himself and grins at the camera. Down to his underwear, we see a nice boy's body and a cute ass. Vodga's third, and a thruster! From what bulges through those bikinis, his cock is a force to be felt; nice ass, too. Nuck goes last; wow, nice full lips. I think we can all appreciate his point as he wags his large cock at us at!

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New At BOYKAKKE: Wrestling Contest

Posted on 9/14/2012 by DormSpunk

A little competition never hurt anyone, and today we have our "Boykakke's Tom Model Wrestling Contest." In fact, after this competition, I think we're going to need a few more towels thrown in, some for their cum and for ours. 26yr old Nut, 25yr old Noom! These two cute twinks are evenly matched in size except for their dicks and Noom seems to have the advantage. As they hit the mat, Noom comes out on top, undoubtedly his favorite position as he asserts his dominance. The boys slip and slide around on the mat as both reach for one another's cock. Not sure that's a legal move in wrestling, but we certainly don't mind watching them bend the rules. Nut soon puts a lip-lock on Noom's cock and Noom quickly maneuvers himself around and puts Nut's cock in a lip-lock. And the bout just got started. Tune in to see who cums out on top at!

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New At ISLAND STUDS: Big-Balled BO Peeing!

Bo - Straight Surfer Dude Eats His Own Cum! Bo is a sexy young straight surfer dude with BIG hair, a MASSIVE nut sac and a fat cock with a HUGE mushroom head! He has really BIG BALLS that hang low and flop around in the hot Hawaiian sun throughout this film. Bears will LOVE his THICK white hairy ass, legs and furry belly. Like our other hairy surfers, Bo has never trimmed or shaved his thick body hair! He is the real deal: a straight up authentic California surfer loving the waves on the Hawaiian shores! Bo is full of personality and loves showing off his body and his favorite surf board! Everyone likes surfer Bo! Listen to this laid back all American dude talk about his board and surfing the waves on the Islands. He loves waves, women, and playing with his fat cock! Watch how comfortable Bo is stroking his greasy hard dick outdoors in the tropical heat for our cameras. "I love being naked," he says while showing off his big wide muscular bubble butt. After getting all sweaty and dirty working naked, Bo showers off with the garden hose outside. With the water spraying his tan naked body, Bo spontaneously takes a long piss! There is something so SEXY about watching a man pee while he showers. After his outdoor shower, furry cock Bo really enjoys jerking his fat dick for the camera at!

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LATIN BOYZ's Esteban

Esteban. A SUPER HOT Latin boy. Nothing says “Stuff My Leprechaun” like this little hottie. He’s all nice a trimmed up…the legs, the pits, the cock…just the way we like it! And he’s even trying to be all cute and pose to the side at!

New At EXTRA BIG DICKS: Jacques LaVere & Travis Irons

Posted on 9/11/2012 by DormSpunk

After giving our members something to gawk at last week, Jacques LaVere is back to show us not only that fat uncut dick-but what he can do with it. For those of you who missed his solo last week, this 22 year old Parisian morsel of Middle Eastern and Nordic ancestry has a smooth frame, a muscular build and over 9 uncut reasons to stick around. On that note, we introduce a new face to our site Mr. Travis Irons. Travis is 24 and a native of the Lone Star State. Travis is from Texas so we're hoping he has experience with things grown a bit "larger". "See what I got here? It's really big', grins Jacques as he plays with the huge boner in his loose fitting shorts ‘Wanna feel it?" You don't have to ask Travis twice as he reaches over and grabs Jacques' junk. Jacques tells Travis he can stroke it if he wants to. That leads to a taste test and Travis' mouth stuffed full of French beef at!

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New At CIRCLE JERK BOYS: Brad Campbell

Posted on 9/11/2012 by DormSpunk

19 year old Brad Cambell is from the south side of Tampa and this sexy jock spent a lot of time playing sports in high school. Football, wrestling and lacrosse all helped to keep him in shape and he still loves to watch football to this day. Speaking of football, Texas has the hottest cheerleaders in case you were wondering. When we asked Brad if str8 guys compare dicks in the locker room, he says he would say they "compare" more than they check out each other's junk. When he was on the wrestling team everyone knew who had the biggest dick. We asked Brad what he likes best on his cock. Brad says he loves head almost better than sex. He loves it if she swallows but he's given a girl a facial not too long ago and it was pretty awesome as well. His hottest sexual memory to date was when he had sex with his girlfriend just before a game when he ended up with her in the locker room. He fucked her wearing only his shoulder pads and her in her cheerleader uniform at!

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ERIC DEMAN Marines Caught On Video

Posted on 9/11/2012 by DormSpunk

EricDeman delves inside the daily lives of marines with some revealing footage of how these military men work and play. Crammed into tiny shower facilities dozens of naked guys have to shower and wash at the same time. With the weather boiling many find it easier to work virtually naked. After hours the guys get drunk and tattoo each other’s asses. Download and save videos exposing real marines at!


Posted on 9/11/2012 by DormSpunk

Luke - Sexy Uncut Surfer Skimboarding Naked on a Public Beach! If you like Californian or Hawaiian smooth young naked surfer boys with hot athletic smooth bodies and friendly sweet personalities, Luke is NOT to the missed! This story is REAL! I spotted Luke, a beautiful 20 year old sexy hazel-eyed surf boy, skim boarding on a public nude beach early in the morning with his board shorts on. Watch his reaction to my video camera when I approach this young jock WITH my camera rolling! Listen to our first conversation! He confidently confesses that he HAS skim boarded naked before, but NOT for a camera! Without hesitation he agrees to be photographed skimming naked for the right price! After we negotiate, he strips out of his swim trunks to expose his perfect white bubble butt, accented by his bronzed copper-colored sun-kissed skin & that yummy smooth boyish athletic body and uncut cock at!

LUKE free tube video preview from!

New At JAPAN BOYZ: Erotic Ninja: The Hitman 4

Posted on 9/11/2012 by DormSpunk

Haruo Arata is in today's "Erotic Ninja: The Hitman 4." He is a nice lean twink with very sensitive areolas. As the videographer (who wants to remain anonymous) has Haruo undress, we see the nipple play has brought Haruo to full attention. Watching this boy in his blue Speedo, I'm sure we're all in for a happy ending. With beautiful eyes and full lips, this Japanboyz model has the ability to mesmerize and lavish, orally at!


Posted on 9/11/2012 by DormSpunk

Shawn - Hot Muscle Jock Busts a Big Load Outdoors! Shawn the 6'3" country-boy muscle jock from Missouri is back to show off one of the BIGGEST COCKS we have ever seen! Shawn has been doing a lot of bodybuilding and is now looking even bigger than his first shoot. Now a Junior in college in Hawaii, sexy Shawn is studying Marine Biology, loves the brown local Island girls, and is often mistaken for a young Nicholas Cage! Shawn has a perfectly sculpted athletic body loaded with muscles everywhere! Watch as he enjoys flexing for the camera, showing off his massive biceps and back muscles. He is a competitive swimmer at college! I put Shawn to work sweeping off the roof fully naked in the hot Hawaiian sun! We get to see Shawn's tall tan body from every angle was he works and walks around outside unaware of the camera. Watch as his low hanging nut sack slaps his white thighs as he moves! There are so many great shots of his MUSCLE BUTT with his THICK COCK hanging in full view from behind his smooth ass cheeks at!

SHAWN free preview video from!

New At BOYKAKKE: Fuck & Cum On the Bar

Posted on 9/11/2012 by DormSpunk

We're going to switch rolls this time with Od Bumlung being the top and Yai on bottom. And, as we've already witnessed in part 1, they really like cooking up hot things in the kitchen. In this, "Boykakke's Top Model 4: Fuck and Cum on the Bar," sweet and spicy is the dish being served with a large helping of their specialty, "freshly whipped up cream." After enjoying this film, and cleaning up, don't forget to go to the forum and vote for your favorite Boykakke model, Yai or Od at!

Fuck & Cum On the Bar free tube video preview from!

New At ASIAN BOY NATION: Apartment Manager

Posted on 9/11/2012 by DormSpunk

Sometimes a clogged up drain is good thing. If you live in the right apartment complex in L.A., when you stop in the manager's office to complain about your drain, maybe you'll get this young blond stud to, well, drain your drain :-) Keith Ledger is 21 5'10 and 145 slim trim boy pounds. A native of Virginia, Keith moved out to L.A. for school, and took on the apartment job for a cheap place to live and some spare cash. Brian Toyoda, age 20, also goes to school and pays the bills working in a well known vegan restaurant. We suspect however, that there is plenty of meat in this boy's diet on his days off at!

New At BOYS PISSING: Sk8r Jay Marx Pees & Cums!

Hot and horny skaterboy Jay Marx fires off a powerful piss stream into a bowl and then works and equally big load out of his big cock! After Jay gets off, he pisses again into the bowl of his hot yellow piss! (12 minutes) at!

WATCH & DOWNLOAD: Lad's Enema In The Doctor's Office

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