New At SOUTHERN STROKES: Andy's Audition

Posted on 11/23/2012 by DormSpunk

Andy Audition. Fresh home from college, Andy knew that the Ranch wasn't to far from home, so he hit us up with a few pics and said that he was a fan. These are some of my favorite guys that visit us; hot horny young southern boys with a love of cock. 22 year old Andy is 6 ft tall with a slender build and that country twang that makes a hawt southern boy even hawter. Make sure you catch Andy's story about the first time he had sex with another guy. It was an older gentleman in the spa at the gym when Andy was just 15. Depending on his mood, Andy is ready to go Top or Bottom just as long as there is dick involved. I think that Andy is actually more comfortable out of his clothes than he is fully dressed. I finally let andy get naked so that he could play with his semi-hard cock. Andy slowly played with his ass with one hand while the other hand stroked his cut dick. Andy finally got up on his knees and jerked off for awhile before he sat back on his ankles and let loos a nice squirt of boy juice all over the chair at!

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New At SAN DIEGO BOY: Vince Smith & Marcus Rides

Posted on 11/23/2012 by DormSpunk

What are friends for, if not to fuck? Vince Smith comes in to better the day for Marcus Rides; indeed, things are looking up. In this video, boys will be boys and lend one another a hand or hole; in this case, it's both. After Marcus' long day, his bud just wants to "assist" his pal. Vince is on Marcus the moment the answer "yes" comes off of Marcus' lips at!

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Posted on 11/23/2012 by DormSpunk

Cael is a fresh, young Fratmen who has a fast lifestyle and loves to live in the moment. He loves cars, girls, and of course, sex. Check out every inch of his tanned body in this update. Fratmen Cael has a lean, athletic physique, a little bit of hair in the right places, and an explosive cumshot you have to see at www.FRATMEN.TV!

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New At THE CASTING ROOM: Str8 Blond Guy

Posted on 11/23/2012 by DormSpunk

Guy has an angelic face and a tanned fit body. His naturally high sex drive and aggressive attitude mean this straight dude spends as much times as he can fucking and working out at the gym. With such natural ability Guy seems like he was made to star in porn, but his relative inexperience and shy attitude mean it will take some guidance to introduce this boyish athlete into professional adult videos. One thing is for certain, for a hetero guy he sure looks hot bending over and spreading his ass cheeks at!

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New At LUCAS KAZAN: Federico Bulsara

Posted on 11/23/2012 by DormSpunk

We can't think of a better tribute to Federico's all-Italian beauty than this unreleased set. Under the Tuscan sun and its magic, this ebullient Sagittarius (and former TV host) looks even sexier, more athletic and more glamorous than we remembered, his skin softer, his eyes more hypnotic. Check out the whole set in the photo section at!

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New At CFNM: Joel Gets Wanked

Posted on 11/23/2012 by DormSpunk

At posh schoolboy Joel’s privileged life means nothing when he’s under the command of his authoritative female teachers. They have inspected his naked body and are now obsessed by his troublesome penis which has now grown very large and stiff without the boy being able to help it. The women expertly stroke him making him achieve the most intense orgasm of his life at!

New At LATIN JOCKS: Gaucho

Gaucho. Boyish looks and a enormous cock! What a great combination. Gaucho and his 8.5" cock mean business at!

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Remember how you sometimes were aroused by doctors giving you enema, inserting suppositories or doing other intimate things? Now you can enjoy being examined by doctors just as horny as you! Prostate massage turning into a hot and wet experience! 4 FREE VIDEOS CLICK HERE!


Posted on 11/17/2012 by DormSpunk

Poor Paul Canon. His friend's car conked out on his way to BSB studios, and he had to be picked up by our cameraman. What would you do have this handsome hunk in your vehicle? :-) He just turned 21, which means he can walk into any bar in the country. "I can drink legally now," he notes with a grin. Paul insists he's a good boy, and refuses to give any details about his sexual conquests at!

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New At ASIAN BOY NATION: Big-Dicked China Jock Cums On American Boy

Posted on 11/17/2012 by DormSpunk

Keith Stone now goes down on Leo. Keith eagerly takes all of Leo's cock into his mouth and sucks deeply. In this "Chinese Cum on American Boy" video from enjoy these two as they have some fun, and cum. Lying on his back, Leo moans at Keith's abilities. Then has Keith on the bed so he may face fuck his partner. Keith has Leo in a frenzy for more oral pleasuring. The two caress and kiss as Keith devours Leo. Close, Leo kisses and fondles Keith's body and masturbates above him. Leo continues to tug on his reddened head and shaft; Keith slaps Leo's ass to intensify their delight. Leo is close as he watches from above. Keith massages Leo's tightened balls and thighs. As Leo cums, he blows a hug load on Keith's chest and face at!

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New At SQUIRTZ: Shawn Beliveau

Posted on 11/17/2012 by DormSpunk

Since his first Squirtz video last year, Shawn Beliveau has been a favourite of viewers but his biggest fans seem to be our other models. All the young twinky boys seem to want to have a chance to do a scene with Shawn. And why not?He's got a fresh, boyish face, a hockey player's body and of course a big boner that gets hard and stays hard. Shawn is mostly a straight boy but he does work as a dancer at a gay strip club so you can bet that he's got an open mind about such things at!

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MAN AVENUE's Well-Endowed Adam!

Posted on 11/17/2012 by DormSpunk

Adam loves showing off his huge dick and we love looking at it. We almost gasped when he took it out and started slapping it on the granite countertop. This hot muscle guy is what I dream about - handsome, a bit cocky and loves playing with his huge dick in front of me. Adam took his hard cock out of his shorts and starting slapping things with it. Before long, I guess it got a little sore because then he started pouring cold beer on it to cool it off. He stands up with a full boner and flexes his hard muscles against a beautiful blue sky backdrop. When his dick sticks straight out, hard as a rock, throbbing and bobbing with each rock of the boat, it's as if I've died and gone to heaven and this god is now before me. I think we all should get down on our knees and worship! It's ADAM... ...and no EVE in sight at!

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New At VIDEO BOYS: Carmello Rossi Jizzes On Soccer Ball!

Posted on 11/17/2012 by DormSpunk

For Italian boys soccer is almost a religion. For sexy, blue-eyed Carmello Rossi not only is soccer a religion, it also has a compelling sexual dimension. His star status on the field always helped him to get the sex he wanted when the game was over. Carmello made the link between soccer and sex all the more clear by getting down and dirty in his soccer gear. When he rubbed his big hard cock up against the soccer ball it got him excited enough that he shot a big load of cum all over the ball at!

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New At ISLAND STUDS: Redhaired Doug

Posted on 11/17/2012 by DormSpunk

Doug - Big Dick Beefy Red Head Muscle Busts a Nut Outside! "Girls LOVE MY BUTT!" red-headed Doug says with a BIG smile when I comment on his chunky, beefy WHITE muscle ass exposed naked in the garden at the start of our shoot. This stocky 25 year old former High School wrestler weights 175 pounds of solid ALL AMERICAN BEEF! Catch out the thick wrestler thighs, muscular chest, and sexy bubble butt on this friendly athlete from New Mexico! Doug is a real European mix: part Czech, part German and part French, with super fine red dick hair that matches the hair on his ass and head. What a sexy red head! Since arriving in Hawaii Doug is employed as a construction worker and spends his nights in the gym working on his fine thick body. When he strips out of his street clothes we see Doug is wearing a fine pair of tight sexy underwear. There is something so sexy about seeing a HOT straight man is his real life underwear, but the real prize come when he takes the underwear off! Doug is a TRUE RED HEAD! Doug has a furry 'fire crotch' that matches his body hair and his lightly freckled face and skin at!

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New At LATIN BOYZ: Lucas

We noticed Lucas shooting some hoops by himself at a public park a couple weeks ago and couldn't help but wonder what this Puerto Rican papi would look like naked. When he decided to take a break and go to the bathroom we decided to make our move. Our photographer stood next to him at the urinal and said, "With a dick like that you should be in porn," Lucas laughed at first but then quickly asked how much it pays. They ended up leaving immediately and doing this shoot right on the spot at!

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At the beginning of the exam all the boys had only pants on their cute bodies. But finally the doctor asked them to stay completely naked. It was really a shame for Boris because when he had a look at his neighbor's dick he had erection. He did not think he is gay, but his dick was so hard. He was on his way to the helL! 4 FREE VIDEOS CLICK HERE!

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