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New At NEXT DOOR MALE: Hung Swimmer Lance Alexander

Posted on 12/30/2012 by DormSpunk

Lance Alexander is a former water polo player showing off a few moves in the pool on a beautiful sunny summer day. Thrashing around in the pool as he partakes in different exercises, he works up quite a bit of sexual energy. As he showers off, his gigantic cock begs to be stroked, so upon exiting the shower, he obliges and leans back on the sofa, spreading his fingers around the shaft and stroking his dick to maximum length. Swelling in his hands, his dick stands straight up as he flogs away, getting up to move closer to the fireplace and warm his naked body. Once his body temperature is restored, he lays back down on the couch and proceeds to masturbate with purpose, moving his free hand about his body and teasing his asshole and taint, until Lance is ready to explode, doing so in a messy puddle all over the couch cushions at!

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Posted on 12/30/2012 by DormSpunk

Ginger ninja Ivan is 18 years old and is still in school. He swings both ways but strictly a top so we still need to convince him to give up that sweet white ass of his. He's a little bit shy but when he warms up a bit he pulls out a huge uncut cock out of his pink undies and strokes it like a pro. Nice job Ivan! at!

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New At OUT IN PUBLIC: Fratboy Getting Ass At The Bar

Posted on 12/30/2012 by DormSpunk

OutInPublic is back with another cool update. Lukas & David hit it off pretty good at the bar. There was no holding back these two. You could feel the lust in the air. These two just wanted to fuck. That's exactly what happened they did. Eat ass, suck dick and fuck at!

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New At TYLER'S ROOM: Ricky

Posted on 12/30/2012 by DormSpunk

This is Ricky's very first time ever doing porn and I'm happy he chose my site to do it. :) Ricky is 19, from Tennessee and he's into boys and cars. Enjoy at!

New At Horny Boys will be boys!

Posted on 12/30/2012 by DormSpunk

Young and tattooed these twinks can't keep their hands off each other. They kiss passionately before a frenzied suckfest begins. The intensity continues as raw cock enters tight young ass until they explode together in a mountain of sticky cum at!

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New At EXTRA BIG DICKS: Jacques LaVere & Sean Duran

Posted on 12/30/2012 by DormSpunk

hung, Frenchman Jacques LaVere shows off that big uncut cock. Helping him do just that is a new face to, Sean Duran. Jacques gets up in the morning and makes it to the living room in his underwear that are tenting with his morning wood. He puts down his coffee and picks up a porn mag and can't help but haul out his monster cock right there. He strokes that fat dick as his foreskin glides over his throbbing knob. Sean heads out of his room headed to work and catches Jacques with his hands full. "What are you doing here?" exclaims Jacques quickly trying to cover his cock. Sean sits down and offers some help at!

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New At HOT STUDS: Max Carter, Chance Logan

Posted on 12/30/2012 by DormSpunk

Max Carter has four hours to himself so the devil on his shoulder messages Chance Logan. Cheating on boyfriend Kyle Ross, Max feels naughty but it's hella fun! Chance resists when he finds out about Kyle but Max really wants Chance's big raw cock up his tight jock hole. The young muscle blond can't get enough of Chance's fat boner down his throat but he can't wait to get pounded, so he gives in to Chance's condom free cock for a hard bareback ride at!

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New At VISCONTI TRIPLETS: 11-Man Orgy in The Cellar!

Posted on 12/30/2012 by DormSpunk

The Cellar — Rod Stevens with Joey Visconti, Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti and 7 more guys at!

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New At FRATBOY: Dorian Deschain, Luke Allen

Posted on 12/30/2012 by DormSpunk

Luke Allen's got a fantasy he wants to fulfill and he's gonna make it happen, even if it means taking a cock in broad daylight. Watch this young blond twink suck on the thick and throbbing cock of Dorian Deschain at the house that's got everyone talking. The crazy sexual energy energy of this zany house has everyone acting a fool at!

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New At EXTRA BIG DICKS: Spencer Reed & Hunter Page

Posted on 12/30/2012 by DormSpunk

hot hung hottie, Hunter Page, left quite the impression on our members. Why with that baby face, 'Bama twang and that club dick of his we aren't surprised. Well, we love our size queens so this week we watch the 18yo Hunter become the hunted. Spencer Reed joins us this week to show Hunter how it's done. This may be the last time we see Spencer since the 29yo from the DC area is getting ready to move to Berlin, where he's spent most of this year, to move in with one lucky Bosnian that's captured his affections. Hunter comes over to return a drill he borrowed from Spencer. Spencer lets him in then asks him why he's always borrowing things from him. "I kind of get the feeling you want something else", he grins. Hunter is caught off guard unsure how to reply when Spencer lunges forward and slips his tongue in his mouth. That did the trick as they start to make out. Hunter goes down on his knees as Spencer drops his shorts at!

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New At HOT STUDS: Kyle Ross, Chance Logan

Posted on 12/30/2012 by DormSpunk

Max Carter and Kyle Ross are having trouble in paradise. Their trust issues make it easy for Chance Logan to get his big raw cock into Kyle's tight twink hole. Chance doesn't waste any time and sticks his fat raw cock right in Kyle's ass then starts pounding away. All Kyle can do is beg to be barebacked harder. This exquisite hardcore bare fuck quickie scene is an intense, sweaty from start to its cream pie finish at!

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New At COLLEGE BOY PHYSICALS: Tony Bucks' 10-Inch Cock!

Today I had a new candidate Tony Bucks for a study we were running on the campus walk into the office. He saw a flyer and brought it into the office and presented it to me so I said," Step right up and sit on the examination table. I explained the study geared towards gentlemen with extra large penises. He told me he would be more than welcome to show me what he was working with. So he dropped his pants and boy was I taken back with the size of his soft cock. He must have been at least six inches soft. When that monster started getting hard it became a whooping thick nine incher. I covered it in lube and started to jerk his mammoth dick. It felt so thick in my hand and I could feel every pulse. I got the petri dish ready as I felt his cock head swell and start to spew a nice thick load from his dick. I was definitely ready to see some more from this guy at!

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WATCH & DOWNLOAD: Mario's Exam

" Boy Med Exams for Mario " : Mario was uncertain with what was going to happen during his exam, but he would soon find out that it was going to a nightmare come true! He was asked to get naked so that the doctor could give him a full body exam. The female doctor put her hands on his cock and Mario started feel embarrassed. He was unwillingly letting the doctor perform embarrassing acts on him. She pulled on his cock and closely inspected it, then moving on to examining the inside of his asshole! 4 FREE VIDEOS CLICK HERE!

New At SEAN CODY: Darin

Posted on 12/29/2012 by DormSpunk

With a nice chiseled jaw line and muscles everywhere, Darin would make the perfect boyfriend... you know, the kind you want to take home to mom! “About four years ago I was really skinny,” he told us. “I just got fed up with it, so I started hitting the gym... hard!” “Well it shows,” I replied. “You have an amazing body!” “Thanks! The only downside is none of my clothes fit anymore.” The most amazing thing about Darin’s body, though, isn’t his muscles. It’s his dick. It’s long, beautiful, and perfectly proportioned. “I’m sure you get a lot of compliments on your physique,” I said. “What about your cock?” His face flushed with embarrassment. “Yeah,” he said. “I get a lot of compliments.” I just love a hot guy who is shy and easily embarrassed! Darin does have a wild streak, though, and he’s a huge adrenalin junky. “If it’s gonna get my blood pumping I’m game,” he said. “I’ve gone skydiving, bungie jumping, and even rode a bull one time!” he says at!

New At FRATMEN TV: Cheyanne

Posted on 12/29/2012 by DormSpunk

Cute blond jock Cheyanne gets naked at www.FRATMEN.TV!

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New At BAD PUPPY: Danek

Posted on 12/29/2012 by DormSpunk

19 year old student Danek Rovny. We didnt put a bow on him but we think you will enjoy the way he unwraps himself for you. You get to enjoy the view of his feet as he pleasures himself by playing with his nipples. His uncut dick is already hard for you when he un-buttons his pants. Laying on the bed next to the Christmas tree, he starts to work his uncut cock with his hand. See the head of his candy cane get as red as the ribbon on the present next to him on the bed. Danek displays all of your gift as well as any game show model. His love hole is waiting for your inspection. So make a wish for the new year as Danek pops his noise maker by spilling his creamy load onto his abs at!

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New At BEL AMI: Shawn

Posted on 12/29/2012 by DormSpunk

With hair cropped short and bedroom brown eyes, Shawn has a athletic sexiness that is immediately appealing. Get to know all of him at!


Posted on 12/29/2012 by DormSpunk

Every Naked Inch! Homeboy Duke got da good looks & chill style. Here he go slowly strippin' his body down to da naked skin & showin' off his big dick, low hangin' cum filled nuts & hairy round ass. He ain't keepin' no secrets cause he showin' u every naked inch at!

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New At NEXT DOOR TWINK: Triple Jacked W/ Christian, Joey & Luke!

Posted on 12/29/2012 by DormSpunk

Christian Collins is mulling about on the porch fingering his Cody Cummings Signature FleshJack when Joey and Luke come around the corner. Joey Hard lives to break in new sex toys, while Christian secretly wants to break Joey in. Luke doesn’t give a shit as long as he gets some dick in his mouth and gets to bust his load. So the three head inside and look to get it on. Joey begins to strip Christian as Luke runs his fingers down Christian’s back. Joey steps out of his pants and drops to his knees, taking Christian’s meaty cock into his mouth as Luke plays with Christian’s ass. Christian then sits down and spreads his legs as Joey fits the FleshJack over his cock and begins to slide it up and down, alternating between Jacking his cock and sucking. Luke joins him and they both double on Christian’s cock. Moving to the bed, Luke jacks himself with the toy while Joey lays back and Christian tongues his ass. Christian likes the FleshJack but he craves the real thing. So he hikes Joey up and plunges his cock deep inside, pumping Joey as Luke watches and strokes like mad. Joey decides he wants in on the action so he grabs Luke and bends him over for some nice doggy style ramming, before they all bust their nuts on Joey’s glistening body at!

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REAL BOYS 4U Big-Balled Jock

Posted on 12/29/2012 by DormSpunk

See over 460 young guys naked and masturbating in photo and video, including this BIG-BALLED JOCK, at!

EAST BOYS' Sweet Abel

Posted on 12/29/2012 by DormSpunk

Sweet young lads. Untasted nectar. Firm butts and strong cocks. European twinks at!


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