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New At FRATMEN TV: Barry

Posted on 2/6/2013 by DormSpunk

FratmenTV currently features over 400 of the sexiest college jocks and naked straight men in crystal clear HIGH DEFINITION video at www.FRATMEN.TV!

College stud BARRY video preview from www.FRATMEN.TV!

New At DIRTY BOY VIDEO: Boys Love Toys - Walker's FleshJack

Posted on 2/6/2013 by DormSpunk

Our favorite cutie Walker takes a break from his routine to excise a load in our see-thru FleshJack! He pulls his sexy black briefs off over his sneakers and lubes up his fuck toy. Inserting his erect cock into the greasy opening causes him to gasp for breath. He slides it up and down, using it to massage his dick and paying special attention to the head of his cock. Getting to his knees, he places the FleshJack on a foot stool and penetrates it again, thrusting hard, over and over. The clear FleshJack gives us a view of his hard cock sliding in and out, back and forth, enjoying the texture and the feel of the FleshJack's soft interior. He pulls the toy off his cock just in time for us to see him shoot a stream of jizz as his cock bobs up and down, cum landing on his shirt and our funiture at!

Boys Love Toys WALKER video tube preview from!

SPUNK WORTHY Cal's 8-Inch Cock!

Posted on 2/6/2013 by DormSpunk

Cal is a somewhat-recent transplant to San Diego. He and his girlfriend moved here after college and decided to explore their wilder sides, including dabbling in porn. They even did a shoot for one of those dorm room hazing sites which Cal admitted, "Wasn't really our thing." So, Cal thought he'd try his hand in the gay side of the business and got in touch about doing his first jack-off video. After seeing the 8+ inch cock swinging between his legs, I had the cameras fired up and ready to roll in record time. Being in a relationship, Cal said he still finds time to jerk off. "Definitely not as much as I used to," he said with a little chuckle. "But still every once in a while." Luckily, his gf understood that he needed to save up for the shoot so there was a good 2-3 days worth of nut waiting to get released. And after a nice stroke session, Cal unloaded a sticky pool of cum onto his stomach at!


Posted on 2/6/2013 by DormSpunk

Anders is back by popular demand. For those who missed him the first time around, Anders is 26, 6 ft tall, 165 lbs, great body, tan skinned and straight. Anders' version of foreplay today is a little surfing before his solo scene. You'll love how comfortable Anders is with his sexuality as he shares his fantasy of being watched while jacking-off at home by an unknown onlooker who later fantasizes about him during their solo play. I'm sure he has an attentive audience today as he sits, spread eagle, slowly massaging his thick, baby smooth, 8-inch cock at!

ANDERS video preview from!

New At STAXUS: Twink Orgy!

Posted on 2/6/2013 by DormSpunk

Gang Bang: Fucking wild fuckfest gets these boys splattered in paint & jizz! HIGH DEFINITION with Kevin Ateah, Connor Levi, Jesse Magowen, Xander Hollis, Timmy Taylor, Randy Faulkner. If Dulux or Crown were to sponsor gay porn – and whos to say no for sure in these straightened times? – then they could do a lot worse than pick this fabulous escapade featuring half a dozen of the sexiest boys around. Whether seeing a bunch of horny twinks spraying paint all over each other is quite what these chemical giants would have in mind when it comes to advertising their products is anyones guess; but we reckon our target audience will be more than suitably impressed by the gaggle of sex-gods on offer. Besides, its not too long before everyone’s nicely cleaned up and the escapade takes on a much more sexualised nuance; as the array of cocks on offer strain and swell, and seemingly every mouth and ass in the room becomes a sweet, tight haven for all that pulsating flesh. All culminating in a fantastic fuck-chain that’ll have you quite literally gasping in amazement at!

TWINK ORGY video preview from!

EX-BOYFRIEND Cum Catching Blond's Mirror Self Pics!

Posted on 2/6/2013 by DormSpunk

a blondie with a body. He's just a college jock frat boy type with tone abs and a nice hard cock. Watch him spray man goo all over his rock hard abs at!

New At BOYKAKKE: Gay Asian Cum Delight's Ken & Masumi

Posted on 2/6/2013 by DormSpunk

Masumi's at the computer stroking his large tool when Ken comes in to add more pleasure to his "hard work." The two twinks have been together before so arousal is just a warm wet mouth away. Enjoy "Gay Asian Cum Delight." As you will see, there is plenty to go around. Within moments of Ken's help, Masumi is moaning, "oh yes" and repositioning himself on top of his desk for maximum pleasure. Ken's oral skills have both of them horny. The camera zooms in just in time to catch the two watching one another while Ken blows at!

Gay Asian Cum Delight video preview from!

New At OUT IN PUBLIC: Up & Cummer Long Dick Stud

Posted on 2/6/2013 by DormSpunk

In this weeks Out in Public update we have an up and comer who by the name of Timi taylor and he is ready to get wrecked for the whole world to see. My friend paul has been dying to get some fresh ass and this is his chance and let's just say that he takes full advantage of this new prospects behind lol the new guy did not dissapoint and he let my friend have it in every which way at!

Up & Cummer video preview from!

New At BOUND IN PUBLIC: Horny Men Gang Fuck A Twink Skateboarder!

Posted on 2/5/2013 by Daddy Wood

Kevin Case is a punk trying to get away with returning a skateboard that he thrashed in the desert. Spencer Reed won't stand for it and when Kevin gets pissed the guys decide to teach him a lesson. As Kevin fights he gets his clothes ripped off and made to crawl around the room to sniff crotches. In the back of the store they fuck his ass and make it nice and red from spanking. He crawls around some more to get loads out of the horny customers then gets three feet shoved down his throat. A final fuck of the boy's tight hole gets even more loads on his body as he lays covered in cum in the middle of the skate shop at!

Horny men including SPENCER REED gangfuck skater KEVIN CASE video preview from!

BOY FLUID Lad Waters Lawn

LilBoysRoom photos of young guys peeing at!

WATCH & DOWNLOAD: Twink Medical Exam Videos!

Remember how you sometimes were aroused by doctors giving you enema, inserting suppositories or doing other intimate things? Now you can enjoy being examined by doctors just as horny as you! Prostate massage turning into a hot and wet experience. 4 FREE VIDEOS CLICK HERE!

New At CHAOS MEN: Ginger BRANT's Fire Pubes & Long Dick!

Posted on 2/4/2013 by DormSpunk

Brant is a former military guy who had been told that with his red hair and extra large package he should be doing porn. I agree! Fans of Gingers are vocal and always eager to see them on the site, and with Delaney being very popular, I was eager to have him in. I of course had to wait for him to grow the carpet back in. He is a little quiet during the solo, but his cock is rock solid, and he does like engaging the cameras/audience. He goes erect almost immediately. His dick is so straight it is uncanny and could likely be used as a ruler, while his red pubes frame it perfectly. Brant is not shy about showing-off his ass. I think guys that have their asses licked or played with in their private lives, aren't as reticent about showing it off to us on film. No shame here! His skin is super white, and it is a bit hard to see the giant load he unleashes, but he literally coats himself. He is down for an Edge video, without all the fantasy stuff :-( but I think it will be hot to see him all tied up and made to cum at!

Big-dicked redhead BRANT video preview from!

New At HARD BRIT LADS: Muscle Boy James Takes Luke Desmond's 9 inch MonsterCock

Posted on 2/4/2013 by DormSpunk

A real scorcher, pairing two HardBritLads favourites, super hung athletic hottie 9 inch Luke Desmond, and cute blue eyed muscle boy James Carter, who cant get enough off Lukes massive dick, sucking him off in different positions, struggling to get it down his throat.. Luke shows James what a great sucker he is too, then plays with his muscle butt, fingering James as he sucks him, before plowing him in three awesome positions with his nine inch fuck pole.. making James shoot bucket loads at!

Luke Desmond and James Carter video preview from!

New At STRAIGHT RENT BOYS: 21yo Jake Riley

Posted on 2/4/2013 by DormSpunk

Jake Riley. He's 21 years old, straight and thinking about doing gay porn. He seems to be clean cut, sincere about wanting some work and nice looking. After getting a peak at his cock, Eddie and I figure he's worth a shot. This Straight Rent Boy says, "yes" to heading back to the studio with us and for $200, he'll do a solo. Chatting in the car, Jake says he's never been with a guy and no one even knows he's doing this. Once we're inside the studio, Jake takes off his shirt; he has a nice tight body and interesting tattoos, as well as a lip piercing. As he turns around, shirtless, I ask about his stats: 5'10", 140lbs., size 10 shoes and yep, he's hung. Eddie asks Jake if he is smart; "yeah, I'd like to think so" he answers. I put on some straight porn as Jake works himself up. He massages his cock; we joke about being picked up by, 'the creepy man with a camera.' Nice, Jake's got a good sense of humor as well; that would be, "as well" as a solid 6-pack and hot features. Talking about jerking off, Jake usually knocks one out twice a day. He does say when he gets "real horny" he's blown eight time in one day at!

21yo Jake Riley video preview from!

New At JIZZ ADDICTION: Alex Andrews And Dylan Chambers

Posted on 2/4/2013 by DormSpunk

Dylan is the perfect Boy Next Door with a super cute-twink-boy face and body. Much to frat guy, Alex's delight, this teen cutie wakes him up with a very sensual and erotic blow-job! After being quick stripped naked and completely aroused, Alex asks Dylan for some ass play! Pain is mixed with pleasure as Dylan's huge cock penetrates Alex's nearly virgin, tight asshole. As Dylan's fucking becomes rhythmical, Alex howls with hedonistic gratification! Then, Alex, who is a natural top, flips Dylan over, fucks him missionary style and then takes him to the floor and doggy fucks him, contorting him like a pretzel; splitting his teen ass with each powerful thrust, before returning him to the bed for more fucking! After Dylan has had a huge, fuck inspired orgasm, Alex rewards him cum covering his face with hot, thick cum at!

Alex Andrews And Dylan Chambers CUM VIDEO preview from!

New At THE CASTING ROOM: Cute, Uncut Dominic

Posted on 2/4/2013 by DormSpunk

Dominic is a swarthy popular outgoing guy, the sort who always got the girls and had a large following of friends at school. He has a high sex drive and thinks that because he has a hard on half the day he will make an excellent porn star. As a straight man with traditional values he doesn’t believe in having anything more than straightforward sex. Even the suggestion of a woman playing with his arsehole makes him laugh and shake his head in disgust. Here he’s fully revealed, arsehole and all even if he won’t let us touch it at!

DOMINIC wank video preview from!

New At RUGGER BUGGER: English rugby team Starkers!

Posted on 2/4/2013 by DormSpunk

Hot video exposing an amazingly well-built English rugby team as they pose naked for calendar pictures at!

English rugby team naked video preview from!

NEXT DOOR BUDDIES' Man Banged By 2 Locker Room Jocks!

Locker Jocks with Campbell Stevens, Bryan Cole, Brady Jensen. Poor Bryan Cole! His team is not good, and he hears about it all the time. To add insult, hes been getting maligned by Brady Jensen and Campbell Stevens since the season began. And while he doesnt like the ribbing, he does enjoy the attention from these two studs. Today it seems to be boiling over though, as Brady and Campbell’s harassment gets physical. They poke and prod him, egging him on, and he seems only mildly put off by the whole ordeal. Campbell catches him eyeing his package and with that look, realizes that Bryan wont resist. So Brady and Campbell proceed to have their way with the young athlete. Brady pulls down his shorts and smothers Bryans face with his ass, and Bryan licks his taint as Brady grinds on his mouth. Before too long, the guys are having a sword fight in Bryans mouth and stripping out of their clothes, laying Bryan back on a bench and then pig roasting him from both sides. Campbell pumps away as Brady feeds Bryan his hard cock, then the guys switch sides and Brady takes his turn pounding Bryans ass, before both guys treat Bryan like a dirty cum rag, blowing their loads and wiping themselves clean with his face and chest, covering him with their jocks as they go to shower at!

Campbell Stevens, Bryan Cole, Brady Jensen fuck video preview from!

New At STAXUS: Blond Lad Banged At Both Ends & Pissed On!

the arrival of singer Carol Smith sets off a chain of events that result in a terrific off-set threesome. Young blond Mike Cage wants Smiths autograph – but his enthusiasm leads him into direct conflict with her “protectors”, Alex Grander and Falco White. Their punishment is swift and direct, as they push Cage down onto his knees and thrust their meaty, uncut cocks into his face. Then, as if to prove their point, they begin to work the lads tight hole (first) with their fingers and (then) with their dicks. The resultant spit-roasting is all the more intense for the fact that Grander and White spin Cage round to take turns fucking either end of the boy; whilst the scene’s conclusion – a breathtaking cascade of cum, piss and then more cum at!

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