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Posted on 4/17/2013 by DormSpunk

Since Samuel Laroche did his first Squirtz video a year ago he's got a new dog, started a construction certification course and is spending a lot of time on video games. But the one thing that hasn't changed is Samuel's great sex life with his boyfriend (Squirtz model Jo Prince). Now normally a relationship that is still full of sex after a year shouldn't be cause for any great surprise but considering that prior to going out with Jo, Samuel was completely straight we might expect that his hetero world and Jo's gay world would have come into conflict. For sure Samuel still likes his straight porn, still lusts after women and is still adjusting to the idea of sucking dick. But despite all this he's unambiguous about his pleasure in fucking his boyfriend and he's equally clear about how much he loves his jackoff at!

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New At HARD BRIT LADS: Little Jamie Takes Lukes 9 inch Monstercock!

Posted on 4/17/2013 by DormSpunk

Super cute little Jamie Mount gets pushed to his limits as he takes Luke Desmond's massive 9 inch monstercock.. Lots of awesome oral action and insanely hot fucking as Jamie gets fucked in 3 positions before taking Lukes cum load in his mouth.. Unmissable! at!

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New At BOY FUN: Sebastian Wald

Posted on 4/17/2013 by DormSpunk

Well hung stud Sebastian Wald jerking off at!

MAXX HALLIWELL video preview from!

New At BLAKE MASON: Nick Cheney

Posted on 4/17/2013 by DormSpunk

Sexy Straight Guy Nick Cheney Solo . Nick is a bit of an exhibitionist, and he loves to get his kit off. He has a hot body to share too, so we definitely don't mind! He's making the transition from erotic performance to porn, and although he's straight he has no problem stroking his uncut 8" cock for the boys out there at!

Nick Cheney VIDEO PREVIEW from!

New At BARE ADVENTURES: Alex Dick, Roy Horny and Mike Lust

Posted on 4/17/2013 by DormSpunk

If only all offices were like this – bored at work, the suited Alex and Roy call a rent boy to come over and relieve themselves! When the very young looking Mike turns up, milky white skin, smooth as silk and a face of innocence – they’ve hit the jackpot! Immediately getting his clothes on the floor, his dick is standing proud and they both peel off their shirts and trousers as they enjoy every inch of his tender body! Watching his pretty face get stuffed with two dicks is amazing, but when that attention turns to his smooth ass, you just can’t get any better! Roy takes the coveted first turn on him, but Alex wants in on the action and is soon getting his dick into Mike as well and they all coat this tiny rent boy in jizz, leaving the lad covered from head to toe in spunk at!

Alex Dick, Roy Horny and Mike Lust video preview from!

New At MAN AVENUE: Jon Davis

Posted on 4/17/2013 by DormSpunk

Check out this blonde hair, blue-eyed hunk as he wakes up and shows you what he's hiding under the sheets, lol. Jon Davis woke up during a recent vacation and was sporting a full hardon for all of us to see. He stretches out on the bed and then hops up on his knees to expose his hard cock. He doesn't have to touch it at all to maintain it's mass and we enjoy it with our cameras. He bounces around the room, his cock poking before him and performs quite a few muscle poses with his full erection. Jon knows what we like and delivers like a champ. He lays back in the chair, breathing heavily and strokes his dick to get at that milk hiding inside. Before long, his head rears back, his body convulses and man jizz splatters on his abs and continues dripping from his uncut cock. Wake up with Jon and get your bone on today at!

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BAREBACK TWINK Foursome: Marco Bon Phoenix, Picardo, Ray Johnson and Marty Marshall

Posted on 4/17/2013 by DormSpunk

There's nothing hotter than watching an adorable twink like Marty Marshall taking on three huge cocks. As he passes through a city park, Marco Bon Phoenix, Ray Johnson and Picardo can tell he's lost. They can sniff out a bareback freak when they see him and after stopping Marty and finding a dildo in his backpack, the three take him back to their place where they proceed to strip Marty and use him for their wonderfully perverse bareback pleasures. And you won't hear a peep out of Marty because he loves cock, loves cum and gets a triple cum facial to die for at!

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Posted on 4/17/2013 by DormSpunk

Tommy is the tall, silent type with deep brown eyes and A LOT of tattoos. Naturally, we had to see him naked! Pulling off his shirt reveals his heavily lean, smooth torso and inked arm, chest and stomach. Undoing his pants and sliding them down over his thighs and down to his sneakers we see his slightly hairy muscular legs. Taking off his sneakers and removing his pants completely, Tommy strips off his black briefs and frees his stiff, cut cock from its cotton prison! Playing with his prize, he turns around and bends over. Keeping one hand on his fat cock he uses the other to spread his hairy butt cheeks and display his juicy hole! He turns his focus to the camera, his intense stare pulling us in deeper. Gripping his meat tightly he empties his full round nuts all over our floor at!

TOMMY'S LOAD video preview from!

New At LATIN JOCKS: Alisson

Alisson is another latin stripper working in a very popular local club. He is only 21 years old and is single. See him in cute underwear and out of it at!


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New At ACTIVE DUTY: Tyler's Big Dick & BIGGER Cumshot!

Posted on 4/15/2013 by DormSpunk

Tyler. This hunk is 6' tall and weighs in at a toned 170 lbs. The strong silent 24-year-old has the most gorgeous skin, with full lips and shapely muscles in all the right places. It's no surprise to find out that the quiet Tyler works out three times a week. How else is he going to keep that ultra-perfect ass looking so good? He's also got a big rod, definitely a two-hander, which he works up to a big projectile load in his debut solo at!

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Posted on 4/15/2013 by DormSpunk

From his sultry brown eyes and close cropped hair to his perfectly smooth body and big uncut cock... Joey Lafontaine is a vision of perfection. He's almost giddy with horny excitement and can barely keep the smile off his face as he reaches in his pants and pulls out his thick 7 inch uncut cock. Holding that mighty beast up for inspection before stripping bare naked. He teases the camera with his smooth body and throbbing pecker then pulls his legs up and stuffs his fingers up inside his asshole. Totally lost in a sexual trance as he watches his fingers disappear inside his body. He grabs a transparent butt plug and forces it into his tight asshole. Gasping when the blunt intruder snaps in place for the first time. He fucks himself silly with that thing then dumps a thick load of cum all over his smooth twink belly at!

Joey Lafontaine & Adam Harris video preview from!


Posted on 4/15/2013 by DormSpunk

Duncan is a hunky straight guy addicted to porn. Whenever hes not having sex hes at his computer spanking the monkey so when he saw the opportunity to star in a porn film himself he jumped on it. He has large pink lips that are permanently pursed as if hes always ready for a kiss. While getting him to pose naked particular attention is paid to his sizeable dick with his long silky foreskin. As he won’t allow a man touch him sexually its a challenge to be cooped up in the small casting room letting another man inspect his naked body from head to toe at!

DUNCAN video preview from!


Posted on 4/15/2013 by DormSpunk

Petty Officer Eddy is a tall drink of water from the United States Navy. He lives and works on a ship as a welder, fixing things as they break and keeping the vessel sea worthy. The sleeping quarters on the ship do not lend themselves to much privacy. So, Eddy would try to wait for people to go to sleep before he took care of his personal needs. His dark piercing stare contradicts his friendly boyish charm. And his gleaming white uniform is pulled taut by his lean musculature. There is a definite bulge just below the brass belt buckle, which he grabs and massages. He unzips and pops out a thick, dark, uncut sausage, that contrasts sharply to the white of his uniform. As he pulls the foreskin over the head several times, the monster begins to grow. Easing his pants down to his ankles, he reveals his lean almost hairless legs that lead to the thickness of his giant cock. As he strokes it, his fingers barely meet, straining to encompass the girthy purple snake. He strips down completely to show off his cut abs and chest. Up on his knees, his cock is sticking straight out a full, thick 8 inches. Reaching behind, he plays with his hole, nestled between the most perfectly round ass cheeks. As he lays on his back, his body tenses and he begins to moan. Stroking faster, his massive meat begins spitting white love juice onto the rippled abs. Multiple thick pools glisten as his stomach heaves with each deep breath of orgasmic pleasure at!

PETTY OFFICER EDDY free video preview from!

New At SOUTHERN STROKES: Genesis and Jackson Hammer

Posted on 4/15/2013 by DormSpunk

Genesis has been on us for weeks to get he and Jackson up to the Ranch so they could fuck for us on camera. Genesis and Jackson have been dating for a while and they both love to be in front of the cameras so we couldn't wait to turn them loose. These two are obviously head over heels for each other and it definitely shows. They could barely keep their lips off of each other long enuff for us to hear how they met and a little more about our bottom boy Jackson. Both of these studs were rock hard from the word go, they swapped wet sloppy blow jobs in between their lip locks and then it was time to get naked and really get down to business. Genesis started by picking his bottom boy up and tongue fucking Jackson's hole to get it nice and ready for Genesis' throbbing man hood. Jackson climbed up on top and rode Genesis' big fat cock just like they were on their couch at home. That was just the beginning. Genesis' ravished Jackson twink hole until he pulled out and drenched Jackson with his man juice. Jackson licked up every dro at!

New At ERIC DEMAN: College Lads Polar Bearing!

Posted on 4/15/2013 by DormSpunk

EricDeman has a horny video of young guys into polar bearing. The Scandinavian dudes strip off naked and dive into the icy water. Their tender dicks and balls need some gentle warming after their freezing dunk at!


New At RUGGER BUGGER: British hurdler Matt Sumner

Posted on 4/15/2013 by DormSpunk

Ruggerbugger has found amazingly revealing private pictures of British hurdler Matt Sumner dressed only in a mankini with his cock and balls falling out at!

New At JAPAN BOYZ: Suzuki

Posted on 4/15/2013 by DormSpunk

Suzuki. This 23 year old, slim guy is from Japan and he is appearing for the first time on film. Chatting him up a bit, we get to know a lot about him and his preferences; the word "twink" keeps coming up in his desires. He says he is straight, but has only been with boys, including some while in school. Lying on the bed and in his underwear, we take a nice long shot of this cutie's body; such a sweet face and my, a grower. By the time Suzuki is hard, he pokes out of the top of his shorts at!

SUZUKI video preview from!

FRENCH LADS Gay Porn Videos

Posted on 4/15/2013 by DormSpunk

Amateur Euro gay sex videos from France at!

FUCK THE ROOMMATE video preview from!

New At FLAVA MEN: Trell Truman

Always Gotta Have That Innocent Pretty Boy In Every Issue, and Here He Is. Only 18 Years Young, TRELL TRUMAN is All Professional Already When It Comes to Stripping Down for Yall. It Didn't Take Him Long to Make Up His Mind and Bare It All. He Knows He's Got a Fantastic Body, so Why Not Make Some Cash With It? as for the Rest of Us, We Get to Enjoy the Show! at!

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