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New At VIDEO BOYS: Ben Rose Dick Fucks His Own Ass!

Posted on 6/8/2013 by DormSpunk

Ben Rose was a bit shy to show us his unique form of self-gratification. We got a hint of it a few months ago when he first showed us that he was capable of taking his balls and inserting them into his ass. But when his balls and just jerking off is not enough, Ben can do something that most of us assumed was physically impossible. He can fuck himself. "You mean he can just make his dick touch his asshole, right?!" NO, I mean he can fuck himself; put a bit of spit on his dick, push the head of his dick into his asshole, push it in and out while it's hard, get the pleasure of his prostate and his cock at the very same time... and cum. Imagine that. You have to see it to believe it at!

BEN ROSE dick fucks himself video preview from!

New At SEAN CODY: Morgan

Posted on 6/8/2013 by DormSpunk

Morgan is super friendly and very, very flirty! He loves to do yoga and he was very open about how flexible it makes him. He was fingering his ass quite a bit, so I think he might turn out to be a lot of fun at!

MORGAN video preview from!

New At STR8 FRATERNITY: Malcom's Gloryhole Blowjob

Posted on 6/8/2013 by DormSpunk

Malcom at the Gloryhole. Malcom is the first in a new group of college guys who want their dicks sucked before taking off for the summer. He opens his shorts and slips his shaved dick and fat balls into the gloryhole, where the Pledgemaster starts the magic. He blows and strokes Malcom to completion and sucks all the cum off his dick at!

MALCOM's glory hole suck video preview from!


Posted on 6/8/2013 by DormSpunk

We've had quite a cast of charters visit us up at the Lake House in the Georgia mountains but I would have to say that Trevor was one of my least favorite for a lot of reasons, none of which have to do with his hot little body. It turns out that Trevor just can't seem to keep his hands off of other peoples property and we didn't escape his prowess in this department. We did however get to see a lot of this self proclaimed straight country hick naked and stroking his country cock. Trevor isn't shy about using his body to get what he wants so he was naked almost the minute he stepped into the lake house. He is country thru and thru with his dirty blond hair and smooth skin. Trevor sat back in the chair and opened his legs and fingered his pink hole as he stroked his rock hard dick. Trevor teased it for a while always looking to make sure that we were watching and then he got down to business. Trevor's body went stiff so we knew he was ready to blow and that's exactly what he did, up over his shoulder and all over his chest and stomach. For all you piss lovers, make sure you watch this one to the very end at!

New At BOY FEAST: Erik Tribold Shower Fleshjacking

Posted on 6/8/2013 by DormSpunk

Fleshlight Jerking With Erik : Horny 18-year-old twink boy Erik Tribold loves to stroke out some cum in the shower, just like most boys. But he also has some special jerk off toys to enjoy in his cock pleasuring sessions too! We join him for a morning wank in the bathroom, and get to share his fun as he slides his long boner in and out of that toy until his cum is pumping out at!

Erik Tribold shower video preview from!

EAST BOYS Lad Has Big Cock

Posted on 6/8/2013 by DormSpunk

Jackson Madden bangs Jesse Jenkins brains out at!

New At EURO CREME: Billy Rubens, Danny Daniels, and JP Dubois

Posted on 6/6/2013 by DormSpunk

Orgies and loose morals lead these frisky twinks into sharing their dicks with a buddy of theirs and pumping him full of meat covering him in three separate loads of spunk which they press between their sweaty bodies with a group hug. The insatiable Billy Rubens, stressed at his falling in love with Drake turns to his best friends: high flying couple Danny Daniels and JP Dubois, renowned for their orgies and loose morals listen to Billy's problems and come up with the perfect answer. Bring Drake to the orgy tonight! That way Drake can get frisky and Billy can take the opportunity to show the twink everything he's got to offer. Unsure and still stressed, Billy gets treated to JP's famed stress-buster and Danny's relaxing neck rub, leading up to a threeway, with everyone sharing dick. Danny gets his ass treated to Billy's cock first while devouring JP's thick dick. Stretching his cheeks wide we see Billy pump him full of meat as JP slaps his partner's ass and slips a finger into him, making him moan in pleasure! Danny remains the bottom in this tryst, for the most part, but eventually JP wants in on the action and Billy is more than happy to keep fucking. JP ends up covered in three separate loads at!

Billy Rubens, Danny Daniels, and JP Dubois video preview from!

New At WORLD OF MEN: Bjorn's Big White Cock

Posted on 6/6/2013 by DormSpunk

I find the panoramic point. There Bjorn approaches me enquiring about what Im filming for.After a short discussion he agrees to show me not all Swedes are cold and detached. I tell him to undress and show me. He takes his top off, lowers his trousers and grabs the biggest packet I have ever seen. He works his cock a bit, just to get the blood flowing and soon his uncut dick engorges to full size, his two hands are enough just for his shaft and they barely close around it. He is tall and slim, pale, you would imagine from a Swedish guy. He has a very strong boyish look counteracted try the sheer size of his monster cock. No wonder with such a cock he is mainly a top. He says he hasnít been fucked in a long time. He turns on all fours and plays with his hole while his cock hangs heavily between his legs. He turns around and calls a friend over to join him. Between playing with his foreskin and rubbing his dick he works himself up and shoots a thick creamy load on his slightly fuzzy belly at!

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New At BOY FUN: Jackson Madden bangs Jesse Jenkins

Posted on 6/6/2013 by DormSpunk

Jackson Madden bangs Jesse Jenkins brains out at!

New At BAD PUPPY: Denis Root & Brat Gonota

Posted on 6/6/2013 by DormSpunk

25 year old Denis Root, who is a hot uncut stud from Poland and 21 year old Brat Gonota, another uncut hottie from the Czech Republic! These boys are on fire and ready to ravage each other's bodies from top to bottom. They go from deep kissing to deep throating, as Denis devours Brat's thick monster cock. Brat helps Denis out of his jeans and takes his turn at Denis, as his cock is pumped in and out of Brat's mouth! They sit facing each other and with their cocks side by side, they simultaneously get stroked. Brat begins preparing Denis's ass, rubbing and rimming his man hole for what is to come! After a 69 session, the fuck fest begins! Denis gets on all 4's and Brat begins plowing his smooth bubble butt, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper! They change positions several times from his back, legs up in the air, to riding Brat like a stallion. Brat pulls out and delivers to Denis a mouth full of cum and Denis releases his own creamy load at!

Denis Root & Brat Gonota free teaser trailer video from!

New At STAXUS: Lust for hard cock knows no bounds for this Polish raw dick slut!

Posted on 6/6/2013 by DormSpunk

Kris Wallace, Timmy Taylor. Timmy Taylor remains incredibly popular with our fans, and given this latest top-notch performance itís not too difficult to see why. With his dark, smouldering looks and a libido to die for, heís like nectar to a bee as far as other horny twinks are concerned Ė young Polish lad, Kris Wallace, included. In fact, Wallace is almost overcome on the spot when he encounters Taylor puffing away on a cigarette on the sofa in his kinky underwear; and itís with a decidedly mischievous grin on his face that the boy promptly approaches his pal and begins to suck on Taylorís engorged shaft. Call it predestination, call it what you will, but you just know from this point that thereís only one outcome to proceedings here and that no-oneís going to be happy until Wallace is running his clam-tight sphincter up and down the full raw length of that rock-hard ramrod at!

Kris Wallace, Timmy Taylor video preview from!

New At 8TEEN BOY: Pool Deck Fuck

Posted on 6/6/2013 by DormSpunk

A pair of hot Helix newbies get together in this excellent scene. Sexy blond stud Stefan Nash and hunk Andy Taylor are lying out poolside when Stefan starts getting frisky. The two twinks make out for a while until Stefan heats things up by sucking and slurping on Andy's rock hard cock. After massaging Andy's dick with his tender lips Stefan sits on Andy's woody and begins riding it like there is no tomorrow. Andy gets so horny he flips Stefan on his back and really drives his cock deep into Stefan's tight little boy hole. But Andy doesn't want to miss out on all the fun and flip-fucks the tan pool boy! Watch these two sexy boys both blow their loads in this incredible new scene at!

Stefan Nash, Andy Taylor video preview from!

New At 8TEEN BOY: Big Dick Bathroom Fuck

Posted on 6/6/2013 by DormSpunk

Beautiful big dick twink Kyler Ash is brushing his teeth when blond stud Stefan Nash walks in and thinks something else would look good in Kyler's pretty little mouth. Kyler wraps his tender lips around Stefan's ragging hard boner and quickly goes to work. But Stefan being a hungry cock slut decides he wants to take a turn deep throating Kyler's huge dick. After getting their peckers nice and hard the two proceed to flip-fuck like horny animals at!

Stefan Nash, Kyler Ash free preview video from!


Posted on 6/5/2013 by DormSpunk

See more naked young twinks of all colors and ethnicites at the free Tumblr blog DANNY NO PIEMELS!

Visit the free Tumblr blog DANNY NO PIEMELS!

New At CIRCLE JERK BOYS: Andrew Collins & Cooper Reed

Posted on 6/5/2013 by DormSpunk

If you looked up "straight stud" in the dictionary, you could easily find a picture of Cooper Reed. With 150 pounds of muscle packed onto his 5'7" frame and spilling out, practically tearing the fabric of his t shirt, you could almost forget the way he was tending his jeans or that his piercing sapphire colored eyes would turn the "Man in Blue" green with envy. Those when it comes to envy, the lions hare of that today has to belong to Andrew Collins, the 19 year old who was about to give that hunk a unforgettable serving of man flesh. Cooper Reed's charms start at his head and work down to his toes. This stunner is dripping in confidence and oozes a natural masculinity that was both intoxicating, and nerve racking to Andrew who seemed to think he might just "get his lunch money taken by the big guy from the football team." A little taller, a little lighter, it looked as first like Cooper would use Andrew as his personal barbell, but soon discovered Andrew's other talents might help him work off tension that is not relived in the gym. Even as he sat on the couch, the mass that makes up Cooper's biceps left most skin exposed than was covered by the fabric, leaving the dark ink of his latest tattoo in full view and the perfect conversation starter for Andrew. As Andrew's fingertip every so lightly hovered over the new tat, Cooper stripped off his shirt to display the marking on his other arm. As Andrew reached over, his hand came in for a landing on Cooper's big pec and in a move that took everyone by surprise; Cooper's tongue came in for a landing somewhere around Andrew's tonsils. Breaking the kiss to stand up, Cooper opened his jeans, pulled down his boxers to reveal his heavy, thick, uncut veiny throbber that was rock hard by the time he put his hand on the back of Andrew's head. Andrew stripped off his shirt and Cooper sat back down and as Andrew's head bobbed up and down on Cooper's pole, Andrew rubbed the bulge in his red jock. Andrew got up, pushed the fabric of the punch to the side to let his ow n cock breathe as Coopers took the hint, the bait and that cock in his mouth at!

Andrew Collins & Cooper Reed video preview from!

Real Lads With Big Dicks!

Posted on 6/5/2013 by DormSpunk

Cam Boy Secrets Is The Largest Amateur Collection Of Nude Boys Pictures And Movies Online. Thousands Of Different Straight Guys And Gay Boys Have Sent Us Their Nude Pictures And Movies. We Have Amateur Boys In All Kinds Of Categories. From Nude Muscle Boys To Slim Smooth Twinks, From Nude Teen Boys To Sexy Straigt Guys With Cams, Who Loves Taking Nude Self Pics And Movies While Stripping And Showing Off Their Delicious Rock Hard Cocks. Cam Boy Secrets Is Updated Frequently With New Fresh Pictures And Movies Of Sexy Naked Teen Boys And Horny Straight Guys. Join The One And Only Cam Boy Secrets Now And Get Access To The Largest Amateur Collection Of Nude Twinks And Straigt Guys Online at!

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REAL BOYS 4 U's Petr

Posted on 6/5/2013 by DormSpunk

Amateur boy Petr jacks off his thick uncut cock! Horny gay amateur twink Petr is 24 years from Prague, he loves Sex, Sports and Partying with his friends ... Join them at!

New At MAN AVENUE: Rambo Reloaded

Posted on 6/5/2013 by DormSpunk

Rambo rolls out of bed and stumbles off to the bathroom, his cock fully erect standing proudly before him. He stares into the mirror and admires his reflection before popping a double bicep flex. This seems to wake him up to the point of needing a full posing routine. He walks back into the bedroom (cock still at full attention) and steps up on the bed. He turns so you can see his hot ass and sculpted back muscles. Another flex and he turns back to you his dick pointing the the ceiling. The testosterone is flowing and your heart skips a beat when he lays his massive frame back on the bed. You know what's about to happen. There's alot of heavy handed stroking, a quickened pace of breathing and before long, he blows a huge amount of cum all over himself...almost up to his neck. SHIT! Rambo! A fucking muscle mess! Enjoy this remaster of our own "Rambo" as we move toward combining all of our original clip-based videos into single continuous episodes at!

RAMBO video preview from!

New At BOYS-PISSING: Cute Dante's Self-Suck!

Sexy and buff 20 year-old Dante strips down in the kitchen, pisses all over himself and then sucks his own cock! After a hot self-suck, Dante blasts his load all over his face and chest and then rinses it all off with more of his hot piss! Totally worked up and turned on, Dante cums a second time at!

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