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New At FRATMEN TV: Adomas

Posted on 7/18/2013 by DormSpunk

Adomas the blonde haired, well sculpted and uncircumcised Lithuanian is a wonderful addition to the Fratmen brotherhood. He's smart, good looking and has a bodacious irresistible booty that you just have to stare at when he walks around the house with his little tight underwear on. Might I add he has one of the best looking uncut dicks to date at www.FRATMEN.TV!

Big-dicked blond ADOMAS video preview from www.FRATMEN.TV!


Posted on 7/18/2013 by DormSpunk

PAID BY THE INCH - TYLER HAZE! Sexy South American Tyler Haze is so hot, I had to see him again. He has muscles in all the right places, a monster cock and a heavy sexy accent. This stud was packing so much heat the first time he did his deed on my casting couch, it made me wonder, How much is that cock worth by the inch? I had to bring him back to find out. Being the studly, broke college boy he is, Tyler was more than happy to come back and see just how much his beautiful uncut cock is really worth. Tyler is young and full of cum (I know this personally) and gets hard at the drop of a hat. He stands up in his baggy boxers and you can see the outline of his monster hanging half way down his leg. Tyler teases my camera shaking his big head at me just begging for me to reach out and grab it. As I wait for him to get his beast to full salute and show his potential, I start looking around the room for things to compare it to. To really put that monster cock into perspective, his dick is almost the size of a paint roller! When it's my turn to touch the hot,straight boy's cock with my trusty tape measure, inch after lovely inch of South American meat falls into my fingers and the verdict is in: over eight inches for my greedy eyes to feast upon! Tyler finishes the job and blows a hot white load all over one of my painting blankets at!

TYLER HAZE nude video preview from!


Posted on 7/18/2013 by DormSpunk

Marine David's Never-Before-Scene Solo. Active Duty introduced the first in a line of sensuous solos that they've been holding back of some of their most popular models. These include great photos and erotic solos edited a little differently than their usual fare, with music added. Check out this solo and photos of gorgeous hung marine David, who went on to do many scenes for both of their studios (Active Duty and Dirty Bird Pictures) at!

MARINE DAVID teaser trailer from!


Posted on 7/18/2013 by DormSpunk

Declan was somewhat of a surprise shoot. Although I anticipated filming on the road enroute from West Texas to Cocoa, Florida & had an idea in terms of who I would be shooting, it wasn't until I arrived Houston that I happened across Declan's AdultFriendfinder profile. When I saw his pix, I knew that I would love to capture him on video at!

DECLAN free preview video from!

New At SPUNK WORTHY: Reed's First Blowjob From Another Guy!

Posted on 7/18/2013 by DormSpunk

Reed's stats: Age: 22 Height: 5' 9" Weight: 200 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Shoe: 12 Cock: 8" x 6" (cut) Orientation: Straight ------ It took a lot of cash to convince Reed to get his first blow job from another dude, but once he agreed, he was already hard as a rock when the cameras started rolling. They say a hard cock doesn't lie. I'll let you decide on this one. I sat him down on the couch and reached into his gym shorts, amazed at the solid 8-by-6-inch monster inside. Once I got my lips around his impressive girth, I had to start slowly, working my way down. Reed put his hands on my head to hold me in place, then proceeded to fuck my mouth with impunity. “Like that big cock?” he asked in his deep drawl. Reed knew just what to do to drive me wild, slapping my mouth with his colossal meat. He pulled it in and out of my mouth, teasing me with it, turning me into his cocksucking bitch at!


Posted on 7/18/2013 by DormSpunk

Derrick didn't live to far from the Lake House when we originally filmed him. We have a lot of girl friends and wives pimping out their significant others but Derrick was pimped out by one of the girls in the office of the manufacturing plant where he works. Derrick is represents everything I love about Southern Country boys. He was as nervous as it gets when he got to the lake house but that didn't stop him from showing up and trusting us by doing everything we told him to do. To make things even harder on Derrick, it was such a gorgeous Georgia summer day that we decided to have him rinse off out on the deck and jerk one out in the process. First thing Derrick did was soap up his ass and set the tone by teasing us with his country hole. It was time to work up a load so Derrick soaped up is big cut country boy cock and grabbed the hard shaft with his right hand and started to let the soap slip between his fingers as he worked his rock hard tool up and down. Derrick edged himself for a while until he milked out a pool cum at!

COUNTRY BOY DERRICK tube video preview from!

New At BI LATIN MEN: Young M

Do you like swag? Then you will love new hot Latin boy named "M." Check out the letter "M" shaved into his head, look at his tattos & peer into his eyes and you will see that you have met a hot sexy thug. The best thing about M is that he has a lot of confidence (what some people call "swag"). You will wish you could call him "husband" at!

YOUNG AND HUNG M tube video preview from!

New Naked Jamaican Man: Eathan

Eathan, Our Latest Model at!

New At SQUIRTZ: Gill O'Neil

Posted on 7/15/2013 by DormSpunk

we have a weak spot for sexy, straight guys and Gill O'Neil is one of the sexiest (and unfortunately one of the straightest). We thought it would be fun to analyze Gill the way Sherlock Holmes might do in the popular BBC series:  First, the scars and scratches on his knuckles  and forearms show that Gill gets in fights from time to time and the fact that his face is so pretty and unscarred would suggests that he generally wins. Even through his loose shirt you can see that he has a lean but powerful upper body, the kind of shape that comes from being physically active rather than from working out at the gym. Simple, understated clothing and lack of noticeable adornments are testimony to the fact that Gill is unselfconscious about his looks and, in many ways, is entirely unaffected by how good looking he is. As we talked to him we noticed that Gill can go from a beaming smile to a dark scowl in the blink of an eye which may explain how he ends up in fights so often. You don't wanna piss this guy off. Finally there is just one thing that you can't deduce from observing Gill fully clothed: he has a big, fat cock at!

Gill O'Neil free preview video from!

Real University Twink Cocks!

Posted on 7/15/2013 by DormSpunk

Amateur young college lads caught exposing their big horny cocks at!

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New At BLAKE MASON: Tom Evans

Posted on 7/15/2013 by DormSpunk

Straight Boy Tom Wanks One Out : Cute 20-year-old student TOM EVANS is a confident boy who seems to love the idea of boosting his confidence even more by wanking on video. Although he's straight, he admits that he's kissed another guy for a dare before, but never shared cock. After seeing him stroking that slim 7 inch dick and squirting his cum over those abs we hope he might become a little more experimental at!

Tom Evans teaser trailer from!

New At SWEET & RAW: Kay Kawanah Justin Johnson

Posted on 7/15/2013 by DormSpunk

Straight Boy Tom Wanks One Out : Cute 20-year-old student TOM EVANS is a confident boy who seems to love the idea of boosting his confidence even more by wanking on video. Although he's straight, he admits that he's kissed another guy for a dare before, but never shared cock. After seeing him stroking that slim 7 inch dick and squirting his cum over those abs we hope he might become a little more experimental at!

Kay Kawanah and Justin Johnson preview video from!

New At SNEAKY PEEK: College Gym Shower Spycam

Posted on 7/15/2013 by DormSpunk

The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek secretly films players at a football clubhouse showering after their game using a tiny camera that’s impossible to notice from inside the showers. This hot athlete must have got really sweaty and dirty out on the pitch as he spends a lot of time soaping up and scrubbing between his ass cheeks at!


New At RUGGER BUGGER: French footballer Jessy Moulin full frontal!

Posted on 7/15/2013 by DormSpunk

Ruggerbugger catch French footballer Jessy Moulin full frontal naked in the locker room with his big cock exposed at!

French footballer Jessy Moulin full frontal video preview from!

New At SUCK OFF GUYS: Barry Fisher

Posted on 7/15/2013 by DormSpunk

Barry Fisher, a handsome 25 year old who has never appeared on video before. Aaron had met with Barry just a few days before this shoot and wanted to get him in right away. Aaron pulls down Barry's underwear to reveal his great looking cock and awesome pubes. Just watch Barry's facial expressions as Aaron sucks on his cock and balls, they're great! We love when a guy is into it and doesn't just stand there like a statue, especially brand new guys. Barry arches his body over an ottoman. Aaron adds some lube to the mix and suddenly Barry says, "Shit!", and shoots his load. Aaron takes Barry's spewing cock in his mouth and sucks it a bit more. Barry said he could go again so we kept him around for a while and milked even more spunk out of this hottie. Barry blows a huge load of hot cum at!

Barry Fisher oral video preview from!

New At GAY WAR GAMES: In Rebel Hands

Posted on 7/15/2013 by DormSpunk

In Rebel`s Hands Episode: 02. Heavy rain started. The Rebels bring their prisoner to an old factory. There they slowly take off his trousers. They make him suck and spank him well. Then they start to gang-fuck the cute boy in many different positions at!

IN REBEL HANDS hardcore video preview from!

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