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New At TWINKS: Corey Haynes, Roman Daniels

Posted on 9/5/2013 by DormSpunk

On My Jock. A couple of kids that know how to play hard on the field, and STAY hard when they're getting off. Roman Daniels & Corey Haynes are in week four of lacrosse tryouts, and they're neck and neck for being picked for 8th string forward. Even though competition between the two is stiff, they're play time is pretty stiff too! Roman is a tall boy with a pretty alternative attitude. He spit in a substitute teacher's soda last week just to make Corey smile. Roman loves Corey's plump, bubble ass as much as he does Corey's cute lips. And Corey can't get enough of Roman's thick cock. Today, they're finishing off a difficult round of tryouts by sucking each other off. First Corey's taking Roman deep, enjoying his hard boner. Then Roman's slurping Corey nice and good. And Corey's asshole is just right after practice for some licking. It's a great way to prepare it for Roman's large dong. When Corey takes that beautiful dick into his tender hole, you'll see that these two would make great teammates on the field. I hope coach recognizes this and finds a spot for both boys. Hey, then they could fuck everyday after practice at!

Corey Haynes, Roman Daniels free video preview from!

New At BOY FUN: Joseph Cry

Posted on 9/5/2013 by DormSpunk

Joseph Cry exposes his unbelievable ripped abs at!

New At STAXUS: John Parker, Xander Hollis, Alex Candy

Posted on 9/5/2013 by DormSpunk

Uniforms: Spitroasted on the pool table IN HIGH DEFINITION at!

John Parker, Xander Hollis, Alex Candy hardcore threesome video preview from!

New At ISLAND STUDS: Clayton

Posted on 9/5/2013 by DormSpunk

Clayton - Hung Nudist Country Surfer Busts a Messy Load in Hawaii! "Yeah they say I'm hung for a white boy!" says sexy Tennessee country boy Clayton with a BIG SMILE in his charming Southern accent while he jerks his BIG HARD FAT DICK. This is Clayton's FIRST SOLO JO FILM ever! He was last seen on Island Studs with his naked buddies: Bubble Butt Dozer and Tall Lanky Hunter in TARGET PRACTICE. If you missed these 3 HOT nudist boys shooting off their BIG GUNS together at an outdoor rifle range - JOIN NOW! That outdoor 3 way GUN ACTION is NOT TO BE MISSED! Clayton has picked up surfing and his tanned tight surfer boy body is in better shape then ever! Check out his PERFECT WHITE boy bubble butt and his super tan body and hairy legs! Watch this Island Stud strip out of his swim trucks and reveal a thick white furry untrimmed cock and balls! Watch as he climbs a fence to trim the banana grove in our tropical garden. We get to see Clayton's tight swimmer body from EVERY imaginable angle as he chops and saws the stalks of the banana plants! Feast your eyes on donkey dong Clayton as his beautiful DICK & sweaty BALLS slap against his thigh while he works! Don't miss sight of his UNTRIMMED hairy cock and nut sack popping out from behind his firm muscle ASS crack as he kneels and crouches. When he finds a passion fruit vine in the garden he starts to harvest the fruit STILL FULLY NAKED for us all to see! Watch Clayton turn around to the camera and take a LONG PISS in the garden. With a big smile he watches his pee splash onto the ground between his furry legs at!

CLAYTON solo video preview from!

New At BULL DOG PIT: Mark Coxx and Jonny Kingdom

Posted on 9/5/2013 by DormSpunk

Ashley is out in London again looking for a top. His cameraman sees a guy buying an ice cream and Ashley runs over. They find out hes called Jonny and they tell him about Mark. They take Jonny back and he gets straight onto Marks hot mouth and ass straight away. Mark sucks down on Jonnys thick cock and as he has never been fucked before Marks tight ass is ripped open by Jonnys cock. Jonny fucks him good and shoots his load over his back. Ashley then tells Jonny that he has to play the game and offers him the two cards; Jonny reluctantly picks one and its red. Ashley unties Mark and gives his place on the bed to Jonny. They tie him up, blindfold him, and leave at!

Mark Coxx and Jonny Kingdom hardcore video preview from!


Posted on 9/5/2013 by DormSpunk

Keegan's stats: Age: 21 Height: 6' 1" Weight: 185 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Shoe: 12 Cock: 6 1/2" x 6" (cut) Orientation: Straight. I saw Keegan online and liked his stats: 21. 6’1. 185. I figured it was worth a try to drop him a line and ask if he’d be interested in making some easy money. Lucky for us, he was hard up for cash. Keegan is new to San Diego. Why did he move down here from northern California? "This is the place to be if you want women!" This sexy straight dude is a horn dog. He jacks off every day (he even used to jack off in his high school locker room), but assured me he saved up a good load for the shoot. When Keegan stood up and removed his clothes, I felt like I'd hit the jackpot. His body is sick: smooth chest, six pack abs, and thick, muscular legs. Throw in his soulful blue eyes and he's a perfect package. And while we're on packages, Keegan wasn't just hard up for cash; he was also hard as a rock when he started playing with himself at!

New At RAGING STALLION: Connor Maguire, Wolfie Blue

Posted on 9/5/2013 by DormSpunk

Throb. Wolfie Blue is making out with Connor Maguire, but he’d rather have Connor’s veiny cock in his mouth, so he breaks away. Grasping the shaft, Wolfie tries one angle, then another, before successfully downing it all. His tongue darts out from time to time and drool runs profusely down his chin. Wolfie’s throat is unstoppable and Connor grunts and thrusts in ecstatic satisfaction. Wolfie is a slim fellow, so Connor has no trouble flinging him onto on a padded table where he can sink his tongue and a finger into Wolfie’s tight, hot crack. Wolfie pronounces Connor’s technique “amazing,” stretching and spreading his hole to its utmost until his rosebud is quivering with the need to be fucked. Connor obliges with full-bore strokes that increase the intensity of Wolfie’s moans. He breaks into a sweat, banging his head against the table and begging “fuck me please” in complete anal surrender. Connor adds some action to his thrusts, undulating his torso as he continues to ram Wolfie from behind. Connor grabs his cock just on the edge of bursting. His traps swell as he pumps a load into Wolfie’s face. Wolfie licks Connor’s cock clean as he shoots his own heavy load onto the floor at!

Connor Maguire, Wolfie Blue free video preview from!


Posted on 9/2/2013 by DormSpunk

Almost exactly 2 years after his first Squirtz video, Skylar Cove is back again. He dropped in to see us while visiting Montreal from New York, and of course we wanted to get him back in front of our camera again. This time around his hair's a lot shorter and the glasses are gone, but the drive to explore all the possibilities in the world of sex is still very much there. Skylar's been busy exploring the art scene in Brooklyn and New York, DJing at dive bars and warehouse parties, and even providing the music at some sex parties, where the guests sometimes wander over to his DJ area to give him a helping hand. At a dive bar in Brooklyn he even ended up swapping oral loads with his friend, shooting cum down each other's throats, in full view of the bar. It seems wherever Skylar goes, sex is sure to follow at!

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New At COLLEGE DUDES: Sam Truitt Fuck Trent Ferris

Posted on 9/2/2013 by DormSpunk

Trent Ferris takes on Same Truitt and his huge cock in this video. Suffice to say that Trent had to slowly work his jaws open enough to take Sams dick. Sam and Trent are both southern boys, and their passionate kissing belies their horniness - The clothing starts coming off very fast, and soon Sam, who seems to have a bit of a crush on Trent, is sucking Trent off. Sam seems to have gotten a lot better at giving blowjobs, and he really makes Trent feel great. As Sam worships Trents pole, Trent leans back enjoying the attention very much. Trent has a thick dick himself, and Sam has trouble getting it all the way down his throat. Trent, however, will have a much bigger cock to deal with. Sam hops up on his knees and Trent bends over to begin conditioning his mouth for a monster. Trent does a great job, and from the look on Sams face he probably has not had better head in his life! Trent is certainly up for the challenge. As Sam reclines, Trent lies on his side and tries to come in from another angle - his instincts prove correct, and Trent almost gets Sams entire schlong down his throat. As Sam gets closer to orgasm, Trent gets more excited. Trent begins to jerk himself off as he licks and slurps his way around Sams cock and balls. Soon Trent is cumming buckets, which gets Sam excited to the point of no return. Sam grabs his dick, and as he does, Trent opens wide, waiting for a hot load. Sam provides, and soon Trents mouth and chin are dripping with a warm, creamy load at!

Sam Truitt Fuck Trent Ferris hardcore video preview from!


Posted on 9/2/2013 by DormSpunk

While I appreciate the circumstance that brought him back to the studio, Kyler first took his out, but now later in the night returned of his own volition. As a result & regardless of free choice, he was intent upon not exhibiting any emotional response to the physical pleasure that he was experiencing, but unfortunately, Kyler had three "tells" that betrayed his intent. Firstly, watch his closed eyes & you will see the rolling eyeballs under his lids; secondly, watch his abdominal muscles & you will see his labored breathing & involuntary body spasms. Finally, the fact that Kyler came 12 minutes into being on the CAUSA massage table & came a second time about 34 minutes into it, certainly did not lend credence to his protestations of straight-dom. Me thinks he doth protest too much... at!

Kyler handjob video preview from!


Posted on 9/2/2013 by DormSpunk

Sky! Okay that is his nickname but he has had it all his life I wanted to use it. Sky is a very open minded straight guy who definitely has hippie and hipster tendencies. He is a native New Yorker living in Brooklyn. He is a musician playing guitar in a band that he started. His girlfriend who is very open minded knew that he was with us and the only thing she requested from him was that when he got back home she got extra cuddle time. There is no doubt that Sky was getting a blowjob for the money. But he has admitted to us that he has like guys suck him off in the past. Sky is a really cool dude! He has such a great energy about him. Sean was really excited to service him not because he was hung like a horse although that was very enticing. Although Sky has a really nice personality. He really knew how to use his big thick cock... Stuffing Sean's mouth and throat for his own pleasure at!

A GUY NAMED SKY tube video preview from!

New At LATIN PISS: Martin & Carlos (Part One)

In Martins' first solo shoot he pissed on himself but this time he got a friend he's going to pee on. Carlos is also 18 but unlike Martin who is straight Carlos is bi. He tells us that he always wanted to suck Martin's big uncut cock and when we suggested they model for the site he could make his dream cum true! You can tell that they are buddies because they have some much fun during the video shoot. Carlos really enjoys having Martin's cock in his mouth and for the first time he get's pissed on! He also pees on himself at!

New At COLLEGE DUDES: Sam Truitt

Posted on 9/2/2013 by DormSpunk

Sam Truitt Busts A Nut. Sam Truitt is an average college guy with a very un-average schlong! Sam is packing down there in a big way, and we were lucky enough to get him to come show off his prized possession! After telling us about his fairly mundane college life, Sam eagerly strips down and nervously takes off his underwear. He loves showing off but still has the giggles about it. As he wraps his hand around his dick, it immediately begins to grow in his hands. Slowly stroking up and down the length of it, Sam hops up onto his knees to give us a better view. Sam is a lanky sort, but his cute face and that big dick make for a mesmerizing performance, for sure. Sam leans back and keeps wanking, and as he continues, his breathing gets more concentrated and his eyes close to think of all the fun he could be having with other folks. Finally lying down, Sam focuses on trying to bust a load. He vigorously pumps his fist up and down his pole, paying attention to the head. Soon a nice thick load of cum rushes out of this monster cock at!

Sam Truitt masturbation video preview from!

New At ACTIVE DUTY: Conrad

Posted on 9/2/2013 by DormSpunk

Uniformed Marine Conrad Solo . Active Duty's Conrad is such a dreamboat. Standing 6'1" tall and weighing in at a muscular 185 lbs, this 20-year-old Marine is just hot as hell. The cherub-cheeked guy may have an angel face, but he has a seriously dirty streak. And trust me, he's done lots of dirty things for Active Duty. His very first scene wasn't even a solo - it was a four way! Yeah, I wasted no time with him. He went from zero to 60 in about three seconds flat, as he was paired up with David, Chance and Dorian for his first sex scene. And, it was his first time ever with a guy. Now in this scene, we get to see him go from uniform to buck naked in a special shoot that we did a while back. It's never been released, and the photos that go along with it are stunnin at!

MARINE CONRAD solo video preview from!


Posted on 9/2/2013 by DormSpunk

Say hello to our 19 year old, 6'4" 215 pound baby faced country boy Cameron Steele. Cameron was going to UGA when he hit us up to see if he could get some practice being in front of the camera. I seriously didn't think he really knew what he was getting himself into but he didn't shy away from shedding his inhibitions or his clothes. Cameron made his way of to the lake house wearing a pair of baggy jeans and baby blue shirt. We originally nick named Cameron our Waffle house boy for his uncanny ability to get his dick sucked while he cooked at the southern favorite at!

Cameron Steele tube video preview from!

New At BAD PUPPY: Ivos Kerk

Posted on 9/2/2013 by DormSpunk

18 year old, uncut, ripped, Czech hottie, Ivos Kerk is back for a little solo action, and boy howdy, this Euro stud delivers! As soon as the jeans pop open, his hard cock pops out, and it's all over but the cumming at!

IVO KERK solo video preview from!

New At CLUB AMATEUR USA: Adan's Handjob

Posted on 9/2/2013 by DormSpunk

Ripped, uncut, Auburn-haired Spaniard. Adan is how I began my Tuesday morning a couple of weeks ago, and how about a ripped, uncut, Auburn-haired Spaniard to begin one's day? DAYUM! One of the four married, str8 guys with whom I've filmed over the past couple of months, Adan contacted me via Adult FriendFinder back in early March prior to my departure from Texas. Unfortunately, it took some time to get settled, and we encountered a couple of scheduling snafus. Luckily, for me & you, we were finally able to make this shoot happen, and holy shit balls, Adan had one helluva time on the CAUSA massage table -- and as intense an orgasm as Nash at!

ADAN HANDJOB video preview from!

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