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Posted on 10/27/2013 by DormSpunk

Eddy Adams is a tanned muscly hunk from the Rocky Mountains with a 9-inch by 8-inch dick. He is into the great outdoors and sports a hard, rock climber's body. Eddy is a free climber with no need for ropes for his feats of strength. Dayton, on the other hand, is a sexy city slicker who knows a thing or two about knots but nothing about mountains. He is eager to share an interest with Eddie, especially if it means he gets to put his greedy hands on the bronzed hunk. Dayton's eyes gleam as he starts the ritual of knot and rope. Before you know it, he has Eddy hog tied and helpless on the table. Eddy is not so sure how that would help on a climb but is a good sport about it. Dayton gets a little more practical and fashions Eddie a snug rope harness tight around his chest. Lucky Dayton can't help but notice the rock hard body he is working with and after the fitting is done, he lets his hands do a little extra exploring. Eddy's nipples perk up and his cock gets hard as the binds get tighter. Dayton works his way down Eddie's taut pecs and runs his adventurous hands down his six pack and into Eddy's tented shorts. Nothing could have prepared Dayton for the surprise Eddy carries around with him. Dayton kneels before the boxer clad beast, first sizing it up with his eyes and then with his lips. Dayton unhinges his jaw and goes to town bobbing on Eddy's monster cock. With a deep breath and a quick prayer, Dayton lowers himself slowly onto Eddy's ass splitting spear at!

EDDY ADAMS FUCKS DAYTON O’CONNOR 4-minute video preview from!

New At HARD BRIT LADS: 18YO George Coster

Posted on 10/27/2013 by DormSpunk

George Coster Solo - Cute 18 Yr Old Jerks Off His Thick Uncut Meat, & Shoots Hard: 18 yr old first timer George is super cute. Stripping down to his undies, he shows off his smooth defined body, playing with his bulge.. He gets naked and works his thick uncut meat for the camera, before shooting a ton of spunk over his chest at!

EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD George Coster video preview from!

New At STR8 RENT BOYS: Jessie Sucks Eli

Posted on 10/27/2013 by DormSpunk

Jessie agrees to work on Eli's "pee-pee" for another $200. I see our construction worker is a bit timid, "suck on it; it plumps when you cook it" I tell him. As the two get settled, Eli stretches out and hardens, thanks to Jessie's mouth; must be feeling pretty good because Eli starts pumping his hips up to meet Jessie's lips. The "blower" looks pretty adept at working the "plumbing." As I zoom in to get a shot of Eli's pretty dick, the two kiss. Jessie starts to "slurp" as he goes up and down; the boy's reaction is priceless, "fuck yeah." Eli then stands as Jessie drops to his knees, sucking every inch of the boy's dick and balls; he even puts a bit of "handy" work on the groin to arouse our twink. Eli asks, "you like sucking dick?" Jessie replies, "it's not that bad." Within a few more minutes of "oral attention," Eli is moaning "fuck" and gets closer. Using both his hands and warm mouth, Jessie does know how a guy likes his dick to be treated. With a "keep on doing that," the boy lets Jessie know his "job" is going well. Calling out, "fuck yeah," Eli's cheeks go flush and he says he's going to cum. Blowing his jizz up onto his torso, Eddie and I agree, this twink enjoyed the straight worker, handy with his "tools." at!

JESSIE SUCKS ELI oral video preview from!

New At ACTIVE DUTY: Naked Marine Jack

Posted on 10/27/2013 by DormSpunk

Marine Jack in Uniform . Did you catch the special, sensual solo with that Active Duty's little rascal Jack? The devilish 5'4" guy was a firecracker in the sack and was a dynamic duo with his best buddy Dane. Remember their infamous Live shows? Oh yes, I think some of you do! The dark-haired Jack appeared in a number of hard core scenes for Active Duty, including four heated three-way scenes. You have to check out just how bendy Jack is in his scene with DJ and Fox. By the end of the scene, Jack is shooting his load into his own mouth and sucking his own rod! Where the seed ends up next is beyond belief... Let's just say, everyone gets a mouthful and then some at!

Marine Jack in Uniform and Nude video preview from!

New At DALLAS REEVES: Dallas Fucks Mick Gibson

Posted on 10/27/2013 by DormSpunk

It's my day off so I searched for a fun guy to play with on at this resort. Just met Mick Gibson and he's so fabulous. Couldn't believe that a handsome and sweet guy like him would go into fucking with a stranger. Really enjoyed fucking him at!

New At STR8 BOYS FUCKING: "Fucking With Friends"

Posted on 10/27/2013 by DormSpunk

Jack Stone and his buddy Jonathan - both 18 years old and from Kansas City both ended up fucking the same chick, one after the other, without knowing it! Turned out the muscular, tattooed Jonathan had just finished up and left when Jack arrived, thinking he was going to be the fuck of the day! See these two get off together with Nikki, cumulating in a group shower to wash off all the jizz at!

"Fucking With Friends" tube video preview from!

YOUNG BASTARDS Timo Krupp, Basti Winkler, Ivan Rueda

After a photo shoot, model Ivan (21) desperately needs to take a piss, so the photographer´s assistant Basti (25) is then used as a toilet. A hardcore wet session then starts and Basti has to drink the piss from Ivan and photographer Timo (27) in turn, and during the breaks he has their thick cocks thrust deep down his throat. While Timo is ramming his hard 20×5 knob into this throat right up to the hilt and Ivan is fucking his ass, Basti moans in ecstasy. Timo Krupp, Basti Winkler, Ivan Rueda gay watersports fetish at!

New At BOYS PISSING: Naked Horny Scottie

Sexy straight boy Scottie strips down and lets his hot piss fly. After a powerful piss, Scottie strokes his boner, unloads a thick, big load and then pisses all over the shower and himself again. (15 minutes) at!

New At EURO CREME: Kayden Gray, JP Dubois and Lucas Davidson

Posted on 10/26/2013 by DormSpunk

Lucas and Kayden have a chat, and Kayden lets the secret of last night out, with Lucas going to ask Niall himself if it’s true. Spotting another chance for some hot fucking, Kayden pursues and gets his own way, as always and gets Lucas on his knees sucking his giant dick right there in the barn, in full view of the cottage, and all of them in there! Getting off on the risk, Kayden’s morals are out the window and his dick is shoved down Lucas’ throat. In a further twist, he texts his mate JP to join in the fun, and as Lucas has his eyes closed and mouth full of dick, Kayden pulls out and JP slides his own dick into his mouth! With the act already done, Lucas gives in to Kayden’s demands and gets spit-roasted, his ass split by Kayden’s dick and mouth stuffed with JP’s dick, everyone’s favourite dream come true, it’s no wonder Lucas didn’t put up much of a fight! Swopping sides, JP gets a go on Lucas’s hot and already loosened hole, both tops getting an awesome workout from this eager bottom boy until they’re both done with him and Lucas gets a double face full of hot cum spunk at!

Kayden Gray, JP Dubois and Lucas Davidson 4-minute threesome video preview from!

New At SWEET & RAW: Mark Kun and John Mars

Posted on 10/26/2013 by DormSpunk

Slender blond twink Mark Kun is making out with dark-haired John Mars in an empty office kitchen. He gives the brunette the blowjob of his life before his new buddy returns the favor. After devouring each other, sucking on uncut dick to the brink of orgasm, John gets Mark up on a counter and rims his hot little hole. But it's Mark who ends up with his throbbing dick inside John's rarely used, sweet, pink fuckhole. John bends over and Mark slides home before the two changes positions so the eager-to-please John can ride Mark until the blond rewards him with a hefty cum facial of a load John can't help but eat, taste, and share with Mark in a kiss. at!

Mark Kun and John Mars 4-minute bareback video preview from!

New At ACTIVE DUTY: Riley Fucks Straight Newbie Jason

Posted on 10/26/2013 by DormSpunk

"Back again!" Riley says as his Kaden Saylor directed Active Duty scene with Jason opens. Jason is still a bit nervous as this is only he straight guy's second time with a man. Luckily, he's in good hands! Kaden jokes that Riley is the guy "breaking in the new ones," and says that he remembers when he "had that job." Careful Kaden, they just may drag you back in front of the camera! The guys start out on the bed admiring each other's bodies and shooting the breeze, including Jason talking about his first (and only) time on bottom. The action progresses so that Jason is sucking Riley, who is impressed with his skills considering it's only his 2nd time. Riley returns the favor before getting Jason up on his knees to he can finger his tight hole. "You like that?" Jason grunts out an "I do" and Riley keeps on working his rear. It isn't long before Riley has slithered his big rod up inside Jason. "Damn, that's tight!" Riley says, as he pistons in and out of Jason at!

Riley Fucks Straight Newbie Jason fuck video preview from!

New At SETH CHASE: 19YO Jacob Mather Sucked Off

Posted on 10/26/2013 by DormSpunk

Swallowing Young Spunk. 19 years old, straight & really fucking cute. This is Jacob Mather's first time having his cock sucked by another man and his very first time shooting his load in anyone's mouth. Jacob was really nervous so I told him to just focus on getting his nut off & I'll take care of the rest. Jacob gets right to work getting himself nice and hard. I move in & get a taste of Jacob's cock. Jacob's dick is the perfect size for sliding down my throat. I move down to his beautiful hairy balls & suck on his nuts for a while, getting a mouthful of his blond pubes at!

STRAIGHT 19YO Jacob Mather blowjob video preview from!

New At STRAIGHT FRATERNITY: Michael and Eddy

Posted on 10/26/2013 by DormSpunk

It's the first time straight guys Michael and Eddy have jacked off with another guy and you can feel the tension. Eddy cums first, and when he does, Michael uses the visual to help him shoot his own load, even with his girlfriend just outside the room at!

Michael and Eddy jacking off together video preview from!

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