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New At EXTRA BIG DICKS: Liam Harkmore

Posted on 12/28/2013 by DormSpunk

SUN STROKING. A bright sunny day out here in Florida and we decided to let Liam take a dip in our pool for a nice refreshing swim so his body can cool down. Relaxing in the chair his watered down body is cooled off and his rock hard cock has decided to join us for a great stroking session in the sun. Liam has a huge, veiny and throbbing cock that just is aching to be sucked on. After some 3 finger banging in his tight ass it's time to take it inside where it's a bit cooler. Once inside he finds a 10 inch dildo with a nice suction cup that he sticks on the kitchen counter so he can ride that massive cock while stroking his sexy dick. It's a sight to watch and the moans this guy makes are hot enough to make you cum in your pants. Grab your lube, a dildo, or whatever you like but be ready for some ass pounding and sexy stroking with an ender that becomes a beautiful facial at!

Liam Harkmore solo video preview from!

New At EURO CREME: Behind The Scenes

Posted on 12/28/2013 by DormSpunk

“A Weekend With Lyle Boyce” follows the new Eurocreme Exclusive over the course of a weekend. Exactly what could happen to our skinny twink Lyle, who tells us that he would rather stay in on the weekend than go out to a club. Not a lot I hear you say? Well you are wrong. A dinner invitation with Danny Montero, a reunion with long distance lover Leo Marco, movie night shenanigans with Jordan Jacobs and Alfie Bee and a torrid hookup with muscleman Bruno Fox! How can such a tiny lad like Lyle fit it all in? Take a look at his hole and you'll see how at!

BEHIND THE SCENES video preview from!

New At BLAKE MASON: Jamie Ford's Christmas

Posted on 12/28/2013 by DormSpunk

Jamie Ford's Christmas Toy Fun : Jamie has a lot of special Christmas presents that he's right not to open in front of friends and family. There's some anal toys, masturbators and vibrating cock rings for him to enjoy in this intimate and horny solo masturbation session, and we get to enjoy the show too as he works his hard and wet dick and fills his own tight arse at!

JAMIE FORD CHRISTMAS TOY FUN video preview from!

New At BULL DOG PIT: Theo Reid & Mark Coxx

Posted on 12/28/2013 by DormSpunk

Mark Coxx kneels down next to his bed and prays for strength from the lord only to ask for forgiveness almost immediately after he say amen. Mark gets out his thick throbbing cock and a copy of his latest wank material. Mark is obsessed with cock and once he shoots his load thinking about all the hot guys in the mag he blows out the candle and gets ready for a full nights sleep before he goes to confession the next day. Mark enters the confession booth and sits. The hatch slides open and we see the stunning young priest of Theo Reid. He greats mark with a comforting look and asked whats his confession. Mark tells Theo that is impure thoughts and that he has been wanking like mad thinking about them. Theo askes when he last confessed and mark say last week. Suddenly the situation changes at!

Theo Reid & Mark Coxx video preview from!

New At HOT HOUSE: Bobby Clark, Nick Parker

Posted on 12/28/2013 by DormSpunk

Dream Team, Scene #03: Don't let Bobby Clark's clean cut good looks fool you: he's a freak for athletic gear. He forces his teammate Nick Parker to wear a catcher's vest plate and cleats then kicks back so the young stud can worship his smelly jock and drink spit from his protective cup. All the fetish play makes Bobby's dick rock hard so he whips it out and pushes it down Nick's throat. Bobby, horned up and ready for more, goes in to taste Nick's jock and cock. He swallows Nick's thick tool all the way to his baseball-size nuts then throws him on his back to fuck his ass. Nick sits down on Bobby's cock and rides him until he pops, shooting a thick load. Bobby stands up and pumps his own dick until he blows all over Nick's athletic gear at!

Bobby Clark, Nick Parker gay sex video preview from!

New At FALCON STUDIOS: Vance Crawford, Lance Luciano

Posted on 12/28/2013 by DormSpunk

Bucks County 1 - Into The Wild: Vance Crawford and Lance Luciano arrive in an SUV. The blue skies, sunshine, balmy air and nothing to do make a potent aphrodisiac. Lance's unbuttoned shirt seems an invitation to touch his smooth, firm chest. That's exactly what Vance does, peeling off his own muscle-T at the same time. Vance is paler and slim, with sinewy shoulders, a brightly colored ink sleeve, a ripped torso and a narrow waist with deep cum gutters leading to his bush. Lance eagerly removes the rest of Vance's clothes, buries his nose in Vance's navel then works his mouth south to the veiny, half-hard cock and low-hanging balls that await. The bulge in Lance's shorts is growing, so Vance helps him out of them. Out pops an enormous uncut cock. It looks good enough to eat and it's big enough to require two hands and a mouth. But what Vince really wants is to sink his shaft in Lance's buns. They fuck in several positions in the back of their SUV, Vance cumming first in powerful jets onto Lance's chest, then Lance shooting onto the ground. Lance's full lips invite a kiss, and he gets one at!

Vance Crawford, Lance Luciano outdoors sex video preview from!

Happy Holidays! Ho Ho Ho! And Merry Christmas From DORM SPUNK: BIG DICK LADS!

Posted on 12/25/2013 by DormSpunk

New At COCO DORM: Taethedoug Xmas

TAETHEDOUG share his BBC holiday gift with you! Age: 22 years old. Zodiac: Cancer. Sexual orientation: Gay Versatile. Relationship status: Single. Height: 5'7" tall. Weight: 135 pounds. Waist size: 30 inches. Dick size: 8" Cut at!

Taethedoug Xmas video preview from!

New At CAZZO CLUB: Kayden Gray & JP Dubois

Posted on 12/25/2013 by DormSpunk

Two sporty boys face each other and sparks fly immediately. A huge bulge emerges under Kayden's sweatpants. JP's mouth waters with lust. Kayden unpacks his cock offers it to be touched. Then JP kneels down and tries to push the monster cock as deep as possible down his struggling throat. Kayden drives it against him up to the base, but JP can take it. Then he gets JP to lick his ass out. Kayden returns the favour. With a licked open hole, JP can then easily sit down on Kayden's rod. JP rides up and down and wanks Kayden's cock with his ass hole. Finally Kayden fucks JP in the sling before he eventually squirts his sauce in his mouth at!

Kayden Gray & JP Dubois hardcore video preview from!

New At TWINKS: Watching You Fuck

Posted on 12/25/2013 by DormSpunk

Two slim twinks have met up behind the old shed for a quick fumble and a fuck. At first they don't see their buddy watching them but when they do it doesn't make them stop - it just makes the fucking all that more exciting at!

Watching You Fuck free preview video from!


Posted on 12/25/2013 by DormSpunk

Hot blonde lad Hubert has a cute farmer's tan that is to die for. In this video he plays with his throbbing love snake like he hasn't been able to blow his load in months at!

HUBERT solo video preview from!

New At STAXUS: Sportladz: Cocky Jordan Jacobs gets fucked down a peg or two by a brace of horny, big-dicked soccer players!

Posted on 12/25/2013 by DormSpunk

We’re not exactly sure what young Jordan Jacobs has got to look so cocksure about – except for the fact that he’s undeniably gorgeous – but Paul Walker and Lucas Davidson are evidently more than willing and able to put the fellow in his place. Indeed, these rival footballers take no time at all to force their swollen dicks down the fellow’s throat once they’re all alone together in the locker room – a move that Jacobs responds to in undeniably rampant fashion, slurping on both handsome ramrods with the kind of gusto you only ever see in his lad his age. What’s more, Walker and Davidson – who are both utterly irresistible themselves – take full advantage of the fellow’s eagerness, and it’s not long before Walker has Jacobs splayed across the bench and is ramming every single inch of his hard dick deep inside the guy’s butt-hole. It’s a move that the hungry little bottom clearly responds to positively, given that it’s not long before he’s sat on Davidson’s lap and is riding cock like a common whore. What’s more, the lad’s sluttish credentials are only enhanced by the way he appears to get increasingly motivated by Walker and Davidson’s verbal abuse, which in turn is hyped up even further when Walker spit’s into the lad’s mouth at!

Jordan Jacobs, Lucas Davidson, Paul Walker threesome video preview from!

New At BOY FUN: Chris Hollander

Posted on 12/25/2013 by DormSpunk

Gorgeous Chris Hollander blows load over his hard abs at!

New At JAPAN BOYZ: Kenny's Big Cock Christmas

Posted on 12/25/2013 by DormSpunk

Tis the season to be jolly and once you see how Kenny Yama's underwear is fully filled with a toy for all you good boys, you'll be glad it's that time of year. This 21 year old Japanese boy is very hot and photographs really nicely. Wearing his Santa hat, and coordinating underwear, I'm sure we all would like this twink under the tree. As he poses, his cock gets bigger and precum is wetting his undies, along with our appetites. Using some water, Kenny pours it down his tight, ripped abs and onto his bulging "Toot." Lubing up, this "stuffed Santa" has loads to offer, and just in time for giving. Using a cock pump, this model works his meat into the cylinder and pumps away. I assist with a vibrator; seems like I've become "Santa's helper," happily. With his eyes rolling back, Kenny starts to really moan and feel all the goodness "man" has to offer; damn what a big package at!

Kenny's Big Cock Christmas video preview from!

New At CHAOS MEN: Zachary

Posted on 12/24/2013 by DormSpunk

Zachary gets mistaken for a military dude all the time, and I can see why. Very upright and solid, stern. Has Marine written all over him. Close cropped hair, with matching blonde pubes, he caught everyone's attention when moving around the city. He is a quiet kind of guy, which lends to the military vibe, but is more into rap, R&B and the music business. Sounds like he has a very social career path ahead of him. so he definitely can slide into any situation. Zachary is all blonde, German and is pretty horse hung too. He was fairly nervous to get started, but once he got his clothes off and his cock hard, he was eager to show it off. I thought for sure he would struggle, but he turned out to really like showing off and his photos and video were a joy to create at!

ZACHARY solo video preview from!


Posted on 12/24/2013 by DormSpunk

Nico is at least partial to the idea that getting turned on requires some kind of foreplay. Sexting in the digital age is another building block to the anticipation of other preliminary sexual festivities even if that happens to be by yourself. Whatever the reason behind the madness for taking photographs of yourself really is: self indulging, building anticipation or simply a show and tell session, Nico is involved enough to make it one HOT trend at!

NICO free video preview from!

New At EXTRA BIG DICKS: Alexander Greene, Kip Johnson

Posted on 12/24/2013 by DormSpunk

School Blows. It's that time of year again, and by that I mean school is in session, and it blows big time. Alexander called Kip over to help him with his school work but Kip always has strings attached if he is going out of his way. Hook, line, and sinker Alexander fell for it and now he has to blow and fuck Kip which I guess isn't that bad. Kip is a tall glass of water with meaty muscles and a sexy long cock. His ass is ready to be schooled and Alexander is going to teach him a lesson or two. School is out and cock is deep inside that big round ass of Kip's. Come watch these two big dicked studs school each other EBD style at!

Alexander Greene, Kip Johnson hardcore video preview from!

New At SEAN CODY: Marvin

Posted on 12/24/2013 by DormSpunk

Dude looks like a little bit of a tough guy but he's real sweet on the inside and this dude has a hairy butt. He likes the daddies because they know what they are doing when it comes to sex at!

MARVIN solo video preview from!

New At BOY FUN: Nick Simpson

Posted on 12/24/2013 by DormSpunk

Nick Simpson busts a major nut onto his stomach at!

New At STAXUS: Raw: Hot, horny masseur gives his clients the rub-down of their lives. The result? Oodles of jizz!

Posted on 12/24/2013 by DormSpunk

To the untrained eye, the art of massage can appear so easy that it looks like something anyone with a pair of hands can do. But, as Ryan Olsen is only too eager to demonstrate, there’s more to a good rub-down than a heavy palm and a bottle of massage oil! Mind, this young fellow’s skills are certainly augmented by his clear willingness to go the extra mile, as he promptly proves when blond bombshell Sven Laarson arrives as his first customer. Believe us, this is most definitely a service with additional benefits, and it’s not at all long before the fellow has worked out a very healthy load of jizz out of Laarson’s ball-sac. But it’s Olsen’s session with Orlando White, which immediately follows on, that truly underlines this lad’s determination to ensure customer satisfaction. For White has clearly arrived with the intention of securing something a little more intense than a simple hand-job, and as such it’s not long before the masseur has notched up the temperature considerably by giving White’s dick its own unique massage in the form of a good old-fashioned blow-job! Not surprisingly, it’s a move that quickly adds to the intensity of the encounter; and having provided White with a subsequent session of ass-rimming, it’s no time at all before Olsen is having to accommodate his second client’s oversized butt-picker right up his ass! Not that the youngster looks in any way incapable it must be said, and White’s appreciation is nicely summerised by the manner with which he dumps a generous wad in return at!

Orlando White, Ryan Olsen, Sven Laarson threesome bareback video preview from!

New At SEAN CODY: Chad

Super cute CHAD is one fine specimen of man meat. It isn't often that Sean Cody features hairy guys let alone dark skinned guys so Chad was quit the treat and his cock certainly won't disappoint at!

CHAD solo video preview from!

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