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New At EURO CREME: Matt Hughes With Ricky & Nathan

Posted on March 3, 2014 by DormSpunk

Taking back straight boy Matt to their place after a night out, Ricky and Nathan have only one thing on their mind, and it's his huge dick resting beneath his pants!! Flicking on the straight porn, this couple tease and work their growing cocks and get Matt to join in the wanking. Getting ever hornier, cock are soon sucked and it's not long before great bottom boy Nathan loosens his ass with Ricky before Matt really stretches his hole with every inch sliding deep inside!! Making Nathan take both dicks at each end, he's a cock hungry lad who can't get enough and loves spunk just as much, getting both of them to shoot over him, mixing with his own load on his saturated young body at!

Matt Hughes, Ricky & Nathan threesome video preview from!


Posted on March 3, 2014 by DormSpunk

Gorgeous Grunt Orion . Active Duty’s commander (Dink Flamingo) is back behind the camera to introduce to you a gorgeous grunt that he’s been keeping all to himself for the last few months. Orion's like a bright, shining star in the sky, a special guy with a body to die for, a glorious smile, and sexy personality. I think you're gonna' like him. He's 5'10" and 165 muscular pounds with glowing skin, nice nipples, and an impressive infantry tattoo. This is a long, luxurious solo that's over half an hour long and worth every second. Off come his socks, and Orion starts seductively sucking on his own toes. See, I told you. You're gonna' wanna to settle in and not fast-forward through any of this. I can't describe every little thing here, but this is a fantastic solo that you won’t want to miss. Orion is a walking sex machine. If his heavy breathing and dirty talk (how he wants "a rock hard cock in my mouth, choking me…") don't send you over the edge, his fingering his own hole will at!

Grunt ORION solo video preview from!


Posted on March 3, 2014 by DormSpunk

I first saw Ra, a free-spirited New Age hippy farm boy with a thick UNCUT COCK, furry surfer ass crack, teenage boy tits and an all-natural smooth body, skinny-dipping at a local nudist beach in Hawaii with his friends. This organic nudist boy is NAKED showing off his FULL BUSH of UNCUT cock hair,  shaving his scruffy face, digging holes in the tropical garden, planting trees AND walking around outdoors with a raging hardon in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs. He is naked through out most of this video wearing only his eye glasses! Boys wearing glasses are so sexy! His MASSIVE CUM SHOT at the end of this film is unlike anything we have ever seen on Island Studs! This 22 year old, 5'8" 145 lbs visitor to Hawaii with the curved UNCUT COCK, is a massive cummer! When Ra peels off his shorts we get a great view of his furry crotch, thick UNCUT DICK and BIG low hanging BALL sack! If you like BIG BALLS and lots of FORESKIN, Ra is your man! Ra easily gets to work FULLY NAKED in the garden planting trees. Watching this sweet hippy boy grab a shovel and dig in the rich Hawaiian soil is a treat! His big balls bounce while he works and dangle between his hairy surfer ass crack! If you like real natural male nudism - this film is not to be missed! His exposed toes quickly become covered in rocks and soil. Watch as he blissfully toils in the the garden bed, ass up to the sky, digging around the lava rocks! Feast your eyes on Ra as his beautiful UNCUT DICK & sweaty BALLS slap against his thighs in the sun at!

Hippie RA solo wank video preview from!

New At BREED ME RAW: Jake Wilde & Travis Rush

Posted on March 3, 2014 by DormSpunk

Jake Wilde and his jock buddy Travis Rush came home from a rugby game and were all hot and bothered and needed to release some tension. Travis didn’t waste any time getting Jake’s shirt off to show his hot pecs and abs and bulging hardon. Travis went right to work and starting sucking that fat uncut boy cock and getting it all nice and wet. Jake loved being serviced so just laid back and enjoyed getting an afternoon blow job. But Jake wanted more and put Travis on his stomach and slide his uncut cock into that hot ass raw and started pounding away. His cock slipped in way to easy and he knew this bottom had a used slut hole but kept pounding his hole raw until he was satisfied at!

Jake Wilde & Travis Rush bareback video preview from!

SOUTHERN STROKES' Big-Dicked Ginger Bruce

Posted on March 3, 2014 by DormSpunk

Bruce probably ranks as one of the top strangest model experiences that I've had the pleasure of filming here at Southern Strokes. He has been in relentless pursuit to do a film for us and it turns out that that is just one of his relentless pursuits. Bruce claims to be straight but secretly he plays that card because he loves to be humiliated.....especially by women. Bruce can be seen flooding the social media networks in Atlanta looking for suiters to give him what he is looking for. He played a lot of games and when he finally showed up at the lake house, he wasn't quite what we were hoping for but we are going to bring him to you to satisfy his need to be seen. Bruce started undressing even before we asked so we could see his lilly white naked body. Bruce did everything we told him to do and he stroked his cock and showed us his ass that loves to be plugged so we gave him a toy to help him on his way. Bruce quickly replaced the dildo with his fingers and started to finger fuck his ass as he spewed his load all over his ginger chest at!

New At UK NAKED MEN: Daniel James

Posted on March 2, 2014 by DormSpunk

He's pale, smooth, handsome and VERY well hung, a warm hand for our first- timer, Daniel James. A big, juicy, uncircumcised dick packs out the front of his pants, and as well as a cute interview with that sexy, Scottish accent - we get to intimately explore every crack and crevice of this young man's lithe young body, before he's sitting back to wank out a huge, copious load of gooey boy-juice at!

DANIEL JAMES solo video preview from!

New At UK HOT JOCKS: Dave Circus

Posted on March 2, 2014 by DormSpunk

Look out, the sexy Circus is coming to town! Dave is unbearably hot with smouldering, movie star good looks and gorgeous piercing blue eyes, a soft window into his hard ‘tough guy’ exterior. His tatt’s and facial hair just add to his sex appeal. This hot jock is big in all the right places, broad shoulders, big pec’s, delicious bubble butt, meaty thighs and a massive curved uncut cock. He’s a top and we wouldn’t have him any other way at!

DAVE CIRCUS lockerroom wank video preview from!


Posted on March 2, 2014 by DormSpunk

Ben Grey Solo - Bisexual 21 yr old Fittie works his Thick Dick and Juicy Hole. Bisexual 21 year old Ben Grey makes a sensational debut.. He chats first, his voice is masculine and laddish, and he has a miscevious grin and a glint in his eye.. Wearing trackie pants and sleeveless top, he plays with the stiff bulge in his trackies, then takes his top off. His body is fit and defined. Pulling his trackies down a bit, his rock hard dick throbs inside his white briefs.. He strokes his impressive bulge, then pulls down his undies, leaving him in just his white sports socks. Bens dick is thick and meaty, and he has pretty hairy legs too. He rubs lube into his cock, making it throb even harder.. He gives us loads of very horny slow cock play, and hands free action too. On the sofa now, Ben continues playing with his stiff dick, then starts playing with his arse, inserting a finger, then two, stretching his hole as he jerks off slow and steady.. Ben is a real exhibitionist and puts on a great show for the camera, with lots of sexy looks to camera.. He speeds up a bit, jerking off harder.. Then his fat cock starts pumping out hot spunk, thick and fast, all over his six pack.. Squeezing out every last drop, Ben gives us a final sexy look at!

Ben Grey solo wank video preview from!

New At SQUIRTZ: Maxwell

Posted on March 2, 2014 by DormSpunk

Ever since Maxwell first appeared on Squirtz we've just been waiting for a chance to get him back in front of the camera. He's so lively and fun that you can't help but be in a good mood in his presence. Just watching him tell a story is as entertaining as any TV show I've ever seen. What he says is always interesting but the way he says it and the way he demonstrates it is at least half the charm. Now add to the equation those cutie-pie dimples and big friendly smile and you've got a boy who's almost irresistible. It's great that he's lean, smooth and hung, but even more sexy is the fact that Maxwell is a supercharged sex machine. The guy jerks off minimum 3 times a day but when he's feeling good it's 10 times or more. And he's not ashamed to admit it. If they ever make a gay version of Maxwell the demand would certainly outstrip the supply at!

MAXWELL jizz video preview from!

New At STR8 FRATERNITY: Diesel's Gloryhole Blowjob

Posted on March 2, 2014 by DormSpunk

It's Diesel's first time at a gloryhole, and he's obviously nervous. Franco guides him through it and makes sure this straight guy is moaning and twitching with pleasure by the end. I can see Diesel is struggling to get his dick out, so I tell him just to drop his pants. He nervously jacks himself trying to get hard, but I tell him to stick it through. Once I've got Diesel in my mouth and hands, I work his cock until he's shaking with pleasure and unloads in my face at!

Diesel's Gloryhole Blowjob video preview from!


Posted on March 2, 2014 by DormSpunk

I first met Jacob in Hotlanta one summer afternoon drinking a beer sitting on the shore of the Chattahoochie river. Jacob is a straight boy that loves to be admired and touched for that matter. So fast forward about one year and I get a txt from Jacob saying that he is jumping on a bus and coming to see me to make some money. Jacob finally showed up after his long ride looking just as hot if not hotter that I had remembered. Jacob seemed to have opened up his boundaries even more since our last meeting. It seems that this straight boy loves a big ole cock in his tight hole. Jacob dropped his pants and pulled out his big hard cock. He sat on the stairway and opened up his ass and cock grew even bigger. I think this stud could give himself a blowjob if he put his mind and mouth to it. . Jacob kept his legs opened as he picked up the pace on stroking his huge tool. He closed his eyes and imagined a fat cock raping his hole as his cock throbbed with every stoke. Jacob's dick finally erupted like a volcano spewing cum everywhere at!

JACOB solo video preview from!

New At STR8 BOYS FUCKING: Movie Night Threesome

Posted on March 2, 2014 by DormSpunk

Right now on StraightBoysFucking Johnny and Alexi get in to a spit roast with Melanie! She takes it hard from Alexi doggie style before Johnny wants in on the action. Melanie is trying to hook up her DVD player and needs a little help. She calls for her friends, Johnny and Alexi, to help her out. While Alexi is hooking up what he needs for the TV, Johnny starts hooking up his own needs with Melanie and asks her what she's going to watch. Melanie tells Johnny she's a little horny and that's all Johnny and Alexi need to jump into the action. They each grab a tit and they're off to the races! Their clothes are on the floor and their cocks are hard and ready for Melanie's handiwork at!

Johnny & Alexi with Melanie video preview from!

New At BULLDOG PIT: Kayden Gray Up Close Piss Video

Lighting a cigarette and leaning back on the roof, having escaped the clutches of the games room Kayden thinks about what could have happened, and soon regrets getting out. His balls are giant dick are starting to feel heavy at the thought of being to subjected to Ashley's demands. Having a quick piss as he takes his last drag on his cigarette, we see his shaft visibly bigger, thicker and juicer, damn hot when dripping with piss. As it's already out of his sweatpants, he continues his sordid thoughts at what goes on downstairs and strokes his even bigger slab of meat, getting fatter and fuller with each stroke. Given great close-ups of every moment of action, Kayden's dick is slamming in our faces, as he peels off his sports gear, showing a slightly hairy body, buff pecs and abs fitting perfectly with his huge dick. Leaning between the rooftops of London, he works his meat harder and faster until we can see he's ready to shoot, his body tensing, his muscled body bulging and shafting twitching on its own accord. The jets of spunk falling onto the camera from above, we see Kayden climax and the spunk stream from him as he then flips it back inside and continues his escape at!

Kayden Gray pissing in an alley and jerking off his huge uncut cock video preview from! (watch Kayden pissing from :57 - 1:31)

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